C-10 Omnibus Crime Bill Illustrated

A whiteboard re-cap of Bill C-10, the Harper Government® omnibus anti-crime legislation that is currently being reviewed by the Senate…

The video urges viewers to contact the Senate to voice objections to the bill in its current form. Should you be interested in doing so, a while back the Canadian Bar Association helpfully identified ten key reasons why the passage of Bill C-10 would be a mistake.

Update: “More than two dozen current and former law enforcement officials in the United States – including police officers, prosecutors and judges – are warning the Canadian government against mandatory minimum sentences for minor marijuana offences.” Read more here.



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5 responses to “C-10 Omnibus Crime Bill Illustrated

  1. CWTF

    I somehow doubt that a Con stacked Senate would be the voice of reason….
    Logic and reason has never been the strong suit of those that appeal to the reptilian part of the brain…

  2. tofkw

    Forgive me when I state this is a waste of time. Harper’s trained seals in the Senate will assure C-10 sales through with nary an amendment.

    The only effective opposition to this bill will be the provinces, who will balk once they realise the true extent of the drain on their budgets …yes even Alberta …once their election passes of course.

  3. CWTF: Who knows… Maybe despite being stacked with Conservative ringers, the Senate could still provide some “sober second-thought” to this grab-bag of ill-conceived “law and order” nonsense.

  4. TofKW: Maybe so, although I’d quite enjoy being surprised should it turn out that Harper’s appointees prove to be more than just a bunch of trained seals. Hope springs eternal…

    As for the provinces balking at the infrastructure costs involved, many brilliant Sun News pundits (who are never wrong about anything) beg to differ — they confidently assure us that C-10 will actually save money (or cost practically next to nothing) together with the added benefit of assuredly making our streets and communities vastly more “safe and secure” from criminal vermin.

  5. ASME

    It is NOT a waste of time to contact the Canadian Senate regarding this bill…..get off your duff and do it.

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