Vic Toews Should Retire… Now

Harper’s embattled Public Safety Minister claims that he “didn’t exactly say” that people could either side with the Conservatives or with child pornographers regarding those who oppose Bill C-30, his laughably named “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” Only thing is… that’s exactly what he DID say – on the official record yet!

Toews should resign; it’s as simple as that. Better yet, he should just cash in his abundant stack of pension chips and retire altogether. This cynical, prevaricating old fool no longer has any credibility whatsoever. Too bad Stockwell Day isn’t around any more – by comparison, he was vastly more competent in this particular role.



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11 responses to “Vic Toews Should Retire… Now

  1. Is it possible that the recently passed crime bill by the current government be taken out by another bill by a different government in the next, or further next, elections?

  2. I have a Vic Toews encouter I could tell you about. Made me ill.

  3. Idrian: Of course the legislation could be overturned by another government in the future, but I’m not sure what your point is? In any case, I don’t think we’ll have to wait for such a possibility as it now seems even the most obtuse Conservatives have accepted the fact that Bill C-30 was an ill-conceived calamity in every respect. And, most importantly to the Harper Government, a public-relations disaster.

  4. ATY: Sheesh, what a tease. 😉

    Come on… do tell about your sick-making encounter with the steaming pile of idiocy from Provencher (the most redneck corner of Manitoba).

  5. MoS

    Maybe Toews can substitute a bill to protect young girls from philandering old shits like himself.

  6. sassy

    Toews will probably be around as long as Harper can make use of him (and that includes being the fall guy)

  7. MoS: Well, indeed. I think his lack of credibility can be established in other ways, but the recently disclosed allegation that he fucked his kids’ babysitter doesn’t exactly bolster confidence in the veracity of his moral compass.

  8. tofkw

    “…but the recently disclosed allegation that he fucked his kids’ babysitter…”

    Nothing recent about it, I’ve known of this for years. Why I’ve always called him Vic “lock up your daughter” Toews when commenting about this asshat on any blog. Just the CPC has been scrubbing his image clean in the media where they can, by arguing any leak of his divorce details were “personal attacks” and off-limits. Nice to see Wikipedia lists it again, likewise his entry there was scrubbed long ago.

    BTW, we all know Harper will not dump Toews. However watch for him to be moved into a much lesser cabinet role the next time Steve rearranges the deckchairs.

  9. Well, what can I say? News to me!

    Hard to see why Harper would defend a witless, immoral douchebag like Toews given that he has a majority government and can easily afford to dispense with such toxic ballast. Besides, you could run a toaster-oven or a bag of fertilizer marked “Conservative” in Provencher and see it get elected to office by a plurality of the rubes down there.

  10. @redtory: Yes, that’s the answer I was waiting for, and thanks for it. I guess the current government can move with its designs only when we, the public, are not looking, which demands for all of us to be all the more careful and watchful.

  11. Lets all keep the diligent and good work – we can make the cons toe the line.

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