Foster Friess on Contraception

Rick Santorum’s billionaire “sugar daddy” stuns MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell with his retrograde “joke” on the subject of contraception:

Hard though it is to believe that U.S. politics of late has shifted into the bizarre realm of ridiculous “culture war” issues like contraception, it’s absolutely no surprise whatsoever that the key backer of the current GOP frontrunner would reveal himself to be an anachronistic old codger who’s flippant notion of birth control is that “gals” should just stop spreading their legs.


29 Replies to “Foster Friess on Contraception”

  1. On Twitter a woman expressed the feeling that this joke would move her to direct her knee forcefully towards Friess’ scrotum rather than hold an aspirin steady.

    Most unladylike … yet admirable.

  2. Heh. Indeed.

    Friess now claims that he was simply pointing out in a supposedly humorous way that there was no such thing as “the pill” back in his day, but that hardly seems like an adequate explanation of what he actually meant.

  3. “Hard though it is to believe that U.S. politics of late has shifted into the bizarre realm of ridiculous “culture war” issues like contraception …”

    Indeed. And here you are discussing it. But you can thank the Democrats as the reason for the shift. Neat trick.

    The country is going broke … as are all welfare state economies. The number of taxpayers is shrinking, while the number of those dependent on the government tit is increasing. Who gives a damn about giving out free contraception?

    The old coot’s joke was, accordingly, spot on: The whole issue is just dumb. “Free” contraception is the stupidest, most absurd matter to be discussing as the nation circles the drain. You don’t want to get pregnant, ladies? Stop fucking.

    Sure it’s “anachronistic,” but why should slutting around be subsidized? Is this really all the left has to offer us? Not freedom of speech or self-defense, not freedom to choose to raise your children as you see fit, not the freedom to choose to smoke cigarettes wherever the property owner says you can, not the freedom to choose not to recycle, not freedom to choose a light bulb … but the freedom to fuck without consequence. Brilliant. This is how a society thrives, I’m sure.

    And you know what the really funny thing is? That you pathetic male feminists aren’t even reaping the rewards of all this free pussy. No. You losers marry nasty shrews who divorce you when they find something better. And, as the cherry on top, you male feminists get to pay her 50% of your net worth so she can go slutting around with someone else. Not that I’m complaining; I’m one of the lucky ones happily plowing the unclosed legs of your daughters and wives (while said wives are still young enough and thin enough to be appealing). Without consequence. It’s fun taking advantage of a system so broken down.

    Sorry for offending your delicate feminist sensibilities, RT, but I’m just trying to help you. The day is coming when this feminist whining will be looked back on as the height of suicidal imbecility that it is. Start sacking up.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  4. “I’m surprised that you imagine I have “delicate sensibilities”

    —–> “reveal himself to be an anachronistic old codger who’s flippant notion of birth control is that “gals” should just stop spreading their legs.”

    ——> “that hardly seems like an adequate explanation of what he actually meant.”

    “interesting and very telling perspective.”


  5. The size of Nomminovum’s hateful verbiage is inversely proportional to the girth of his fetid organ.

    He’s probably on every sex trade worker’s “Dirty Violent Deadbeat John” list.

  6. @Nomminovum
    You do realise that in order to “plough” anybody, someone else actually has to be in the room with you? Oh and plastic Gertie doesn’t count.
    Now hie yourself off back to your basement with your nasty wee delusions.

  7. Newname: Indeed? Sorry, but you failed to corroborate your silly indictment with those quotes of mine.

    Now go “plough” your cat’s anus… as I’m fairly certain that’s about as close to any “pussy” as you’ll ever come.

  8. LOL. “Plow,” Canucks. Learn to spell … but thanks for the lesson in Canadian. I’m sure it will come in useful. Somehow.

    RT, your tight-assed, pursed lipped, smug, and tiresome scolding tells me all I need to know about you.

    DuhBO-ohs, projecting lefty. What else is new?

    I’m not full of hate, hairyballs. The decline suits me just fine.

  9. Nonuts: Seems to me you’re the one doing all of the “scolding” on this thread — talk about projection!

    As for you being the proud owner of not one, but TWO vastly superior basements, well goody for you. What a completely stunning achievement in life to boast about. Good luck with that next time you’re out hustling “pussy” at the bar. I can see it now: “Hey babe, wanna come to my place? I’ve got two basements that are bigger than a shack…”

  10. LOL.

    Here is what I learned on this thread … and it didn’t take long:

    1. Female sluttery = good. It warrants no criticism. Rather, it apparently by right should be subsidized.

    2. Male sluttery = bad. It should be ridiculed. (Dick size, ability to get some, etc.)

    How to square the two? Fuck if I know, but what I conclude is that the left is imply idiotic. (What I do know is that holding these two views simultaneously, is unlikely to get you the girl.)

    Some side matters:

    1. Supercilious nit-picking (as in pointing out — incorrectly! — spelling errors in order to provide evidence of superitorty and high status = good.
    2. Countering charges of poverty and low status with assertions of high status = bad.

    Oh well, us rich oligarchs can live with all this leftist silliness quite well.


  11. Nonutsvenom, you’re not a “male slut” – you’re a sexual predator. That enough is evident from your first rant.

    Even Ann Coulter should steer clear of your raging mini-apendage.

  12. “Nonutsvacuum: What I learned on this thread… You’re a tiresome pillock who should troll elsewhere.”

    I know it looks that way RT, but really this is just nomenscrotum’s way of getting through his phallic obsessions. You have to understand it must all be so terribly disconcerting and perplexing for him to be, you know, the way he is.

  13. tofkw,

    You seem obsessed with phallic obsessions. I am the only one in this thread who hasn’t mentioned penises/male genitalia.

    Until now, of course.

    … you homos.

  14. DuhBO-ohs:

    “you’re a sexual predator.”

    Sooooo scary, huh?

    As I said, y’all a bunch of feminist ladyboys.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Except for your lack of quality women,.

  15. Is there a type of psychoanalysis that isn’t of the “armchair” variety?

    Perhaps if one physically mucked around in the viscera of the walnut-sized organ that passes for your brain it might reveal why you are such an abysmal troll, but I really can’t imagine it being worth the bother.

  16. It was our astute Sir Francis who figured out your fetish nomenscrotum.
    I only re-hash the obvious, reinforced when you make comments as such:

    “You don’t want to get pregnant, ladies? Stop fucking.”

    Wow, sounds like a loathing of women’s sexuality to me. Misogyny is often a mask worn by the insecure male you know, repressing latent homosexual tendencies.

    Besides that, your old avatar used to be a hot dog.
    Cripes, you don’t have to be Freud to figure out the obvious.

  17. Awesome retort, RT. Bravo, but you’ve already said all that already.
    And to answer your question, Yes.

    tofkw, will you ever drop this dick thing or yours? Boy, now I’m a woman-hating closeted homo! Gee, I would have thought that you lefties would consider disparaging people by calling them homosexuals was quite homophobic. Cripes, I am so confused. So, let’s see if I’ve got this straight: Men who think that women best avert pregnancy by refraining from fucking almost certainly hate women. What is more interesting is that a man who wants to fuck the women who want to take taxpayer-subsidized Pills so they can fuck him without getting pregnant really really hates women. Alternatively, everyone who thinks pregnancy is best averted by robbing Peter to pay Paula so she can buy the Pill loves women. It’s like giving a girl you like a box of chocolates: It shows her that you like her. And it proves that you really like her if someone else is forced to pay for the candy. Too bad the girl will still fuck some other guy who is not you.

    I have one other question for you sad-sacks: Why do you fancy yourselves psychiatrists?

  18. “Gee, I would have thought that you lefties would consider disparaging people by calling them homosexuals was quite homophobic.”

    Actually, the regulars here know I was a member of the Progressive Conservative party (RIP) – the only party I’ve ever taken out a membership with. However, yes, a Tory from Canada would be considered a “lefty” by US wingnut standards; much like how moderate Republicans who think woman’s health issues should be left between a woman and their doctor are “lefties” now too.

    Secondly, I’m not disparaging you because of your political views. I’m simply treating you with all the dignity a common troll deserves.

    “Because you keep responding.”

    Just a guess, maybe because it’s his blog? I know, it’s a stretch.

  19. “Secondly, I’m not disparaging you because of your political views.” – tofkw

    I said you were disparaging me because you think I am a homosexual. This is different in my opinion. Do you think homosexuality is a political position, tofkw?

    “Just a guess, maybe because it’s his blog? I know, it’s a stretch.”

    I don’t think this makes sense, given the context of my comment. Please explain.

    “… moderate Republicans who think woman’s health issues should be left between a woman and their doctor.”

    What makes you think any Republicans think differently about contraception from “moderate Republicans”? The current tempest in a teapot — in case you are totally oblivious to how Republicans actually think and just what this whole thread is about — is over WHO SHOULD MADE TO PAY for a woman’s contraception. The Catholic Church? The taxpayer directly? The insurance companies (i.e., all US citizens who pay for insurance – i.e., the taxpayers again under Obamacare)? Are you that plug ignorant, tofkw???

    The Catholic Church doesn’t like contraception, but is perfectly content if its employees pay for it themselves. The Catholic Church is NOT trying to pry into private matters between a woman and her doctor. Nor is Santorum. Nor is any old fogey Santorum supporter. And neither am I. I don’t give a rat’s ass if a woman wants to buy contraception, use it, and discuss privately her use of it and desire for it with every damn doctor in America. In what recesses of your fevered brain do you think anyone in this country does?

    This is the old fogey’s position: “This whole matter is so silly, but I’ll play along. You want every American to contribute to your birth control? Go to hell, woman. Stop fucking and save us the money. Can’t control yourself? Tough. Then pay for it yourself. There is no right under the Constitution that says you have a right to be paid when you fuck, ho. Thank you.”

    It’s a decent position. Beer makes me happy and likely prolongs my life. My being happy, well adjusted and healthy is a legitimate health issue. My doctor says a couple of beers a day will do me good. Therefore, the US taxpayer should pay for my reasonable beer consumption. Also, I am not getting younger, but I still enjoy sex. Women are getting subsidized to fuck and so should I. I want the US taxpayer to fund my Viagra consumption. I like coffee. When I don’t have a cup of joe by 2pm, I get headaches. I want the US taxpayer to fund my coffee consumption. Protein is good for me. Steak is a good source of protein. I want the US taxpayer to fund my consumption of filet mignon. I like to exercise to keep me healthy. My favorite gym club is is the New York Athletic Club because they have the best facilities to keep me healthy and in shape. I want the US taxpayer to fund my $7,500 a year NYAC fees (plus the cost of any bottled water, Gatorade, beer, and steak consumed on premises). Having children is a health issue (right? Right???). Accordingly, I want the US taxpayer to fund all my children’s living expenses until they reach 22 years of age and are out of college. I can’t think of anything the US taxpayer shouldn’t be funding on my behalf. Can you?

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