Winning By Stealth

Rachel Maddow (with the help of Doug Wead, a senior advisor to the Ron Paul campaign) describes how the wily old coot is attempting to exploit flaws in the present Republican caucus system to gather delegates to the GOP convention irrespective of how votes were actually cast in the caucus by people less than fanatical in support of their candidate.

As quirky, barely legal, and wholly anti-democratic as it may seem, I guess one can hardly fault the Ron Paul campaign from taking advantage of loopholes in the system that inadvertently enable crazed diehards to ultimately prevail as delegates.

2 Replies to “Winning By Stealth”

  1. Scary when you figure it’s the delegates at the convention that choose the leader. Even if Paul gets elected he won’t be able to do much, despite the blubbering of his fan club. The messiahs followers will not be pleased.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I don’t get. His “end game” is entirely unclear to me. But then, libertarians aren’t exactly noted for their practicality or pragmatism.

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