“Obock Obama”

Wearing a matching sweater vest, Foster Friess, the billionaire investor backing Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum’s frothy campaign to be Theocrat-in-Chief of the Free World, introduces his pet candidate at CPAC 2012:

After opening with a mildly amusing (albeit implausible) joke at the expense of Mitt Romney, Friess goes on to observe that rather than supporting hackneyed old political warhorses as the Republicans have too-often done in the recent past, Democrats have won presidential elections by bringing “fresh faces” like Carter and Clinton “from out nowhere”… A fair enough comment perhaps, but then he goes on to add, “they bring Oback Obama from beyond nowhere.”

So where exactly is “beyond nowhere”… Chicago, Hawaii – Kenya, perhaps? And how utterly puerile is it that this high-rolling billionaire doesn’t see fit to call the President of the United States by his proper name, but instead deliberately mangles it for comic effect?


4 Replies to ““Obock Obama””

  1. So you piss and moan like an impotent bitch about the diametrically opposed view point, then proceed to wallow in the muck of your adversary? You have no more moral high ground than the cum soaked faggots with which you have thrown your lot in.

    The irony of your post (and this comment) would be delicious if I were homosexual.

  2. I’m sure that dyspeptic little screed made some sort of sense to you when you wrote it. To me, however, it’s just an incoherent bunch of nonsensical gibberish.

  3. John, does your description of homosexuals as cum soaked faggots apply to CPC Cabinet Ministers as well or are they exempt from your definition?

    Just wondering.

  4. It’s amazing how many folk are still beholding to their “betters” in the so-called “classless society” that is the modern USA. Their founding fathers would undoubtedly reconsider their actions if they could have seen the low class nasties who have usurped the country in their names. It’s the 1% and their useful idiots v the poor. Deveraux is just one of these sheeple except it managed to remove its tongue from a very dark area of one of the rulers to spout forth in tongues.

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