Batshit Crazy Festival 2012: aka CPAC

Only in America could there be such an event as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – an annual gathering in Washington where nearly 10,000 angry white men and fiercely intolerant women come to hear a bizarre assortment of raving mad lunatics speak to their deepest prejudices, phobias and collective fears.

Update: CPAC closed out their first day with a “conservative comedian” (almost by definition an oxymoron) stalking the stage, angrily railing on about the evils of car safety measures like seat belts and airbags.


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10 responses to “Batshit Crazy Festival 2012: aka CPAC

  1. Rotterdam

    CPAC is a tremendous annual success. It attracts a wide variation of conservatives and libertarians. Some say its too right wing (David Frum), some say its too left wing (Pamela Geller). It gets huge attention, especially from the left wing media . The American left do not have anything as successful that matches it.

  2. True enough. It is a “tremendous annual success” that gathers a wide variation of mixed nuts. And yes, indeed, there isn’t anything quite like it on the “left” — where it may be imagined as a parallel, Communist ideologues and radical Marxist activists would be espousing their most insane lunacy and hateful invective to the enthusiastic applause of thousands of dirty hippies and drug-addled morons…

  3. Rotterdam

    The daily Kos. has a annual gathering. It attracts a lot of reds.

  4. Craig Chamberlain

    The comedian in the last clip should bring his act to a gathering of the left, by maintaining his lines and just changing the delivery.

  5. John Harker

    This is nothing but a big love in for the Koch brothers and their ilk. I can hear the Orwellian 1984 doublespeak now, “equality is oppression”, “money is love”.

  6. philosoraptor

    With her obvious mental impairment, I think we should ease up on Victoria Jackson. Attacking her might be in rather poor taste.

  7. She is, as we used to say in the 1970’s: a Retard.

  8. Craig Chamberlain


  9. jkg

    The daily Kos. has a annual gathering. It attracts a lot of reds.

    Well, in your haste in running to the end of the tu quoque finish line, it is nice to know that 28-year-long and heavily funded CPAC was such a rousing success that it is comparable to a convention that is only 6 years old with no official presence of actual communists and who were so far left as to invite Bill Clinton to speak.

  10. I was thinking of mentioning Netroots Nation, but it’s really not at all comparable to the CPAC event where the Insane Clown Posse from Congress and the right-wing media establishment shows up in force (heck, even our very own Sun News is camped out there this week!). Also, it’s not sponsored by wealthy oligarchs funneling money through their ideologically sympathetic “think tanks” and astroturf vessels like “Freedom Works” or “Americans or Prosperity”…

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