Halftime in America

It seems Wingnuttia is in a furious tizzy over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad:

Former Bush “brain” Karl Rove, now a Fox “News” contributor resembling a large ham with glasses, paragon of moral integrity, and founder of a super-secret PAC funded by a handful of evil billionaires, said he was “offended” by the advertisement, calling it an example of Obama’s “Chicago-style politics” (whatever that means – something “thuggish” and borderline criminal, apparently).

The ad also came under attack from kerning dweebs of the right-wing after it emerged that it wasn’t actually filmed in Detroit – but in New Orleans and Los Angeles! Well, there you go… the entire message of the ad was completely demolished with that shocking revelation.



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9 responses to “Halftime in America

  1. sassy

    It’s so easy to inadvertently get those people going, they have more buttons than a band of accordions.

  2. First of all, I find this very offensive, “Karl Rove, now a Fox “News” contributor resembling a large ham with glasses” I love ham and I hate Karl Rove. Second, why should anyone be shocked that the guy Clint Eastwood, only second to Charlton Heston, all liberals turn to when they need a spokesperson for all things liberal is being bashed couple of pinko lefties.

    Oh, wait… some sources just informed me that Clint is a dyed in the wool Republican and Heston is taking a dirt nap, nevermind. Oops, my bad.

  3. Politically motivated or not, it moved me to tears.

  4. Rotterdam

    It was a “thank you for the bailout” ad. They want the sugar daddy (Obama and Harper) to know.
    Too bad Solyndra was unable to do the same thing.

  5. Rotterdam: You could certainly view it that way although Eastwood is on the record as having opposed bailing out the auto companies, and Chrysler has already paid back its bail-out loan in full (with interest!) so it’s not like they’re indebted to their “sugar daddy”… Maybe they just wanted to tell what they feel is an uplifting story of revival in challenging times.

    Would you have been happier to see the automakers and the entire network of parts fabricators and suppliers collapse putting millions of people out of work… you know, just to prove a point about the “free market”?

    And yeah, it is too bad that Solyndra wasn’t able to do the same thing in their field.

  6. Peter

    The fact that such a moving (and very American) ad could get that kind of reaction is a sign of the rhetorical bankruptcy now afflicting much of the American right. It reminds me a bit of where the left was in the late seventies/early eighties as Reagan and Thatcher emerged. No acknowledgement of crises and failures around them, just ever more shrill and partisan hole-digging. I suspect Carter had some private acerbic sneers over “it’s Morning in America”, and Rove has put himself in the same blinkered and bitter category.

    OT, Red, I thought you would be interested in this tale of the latest climate heretic. He seems to know exactly what awaits him.

  7. Peter: I couldn’t agree more. As the right-wing in America becomes ever more ideologically extreme (rhetorically, at least) it seems increasingly detached from the realm of practical reality and the mundane pragmatism of political administration – in the case of the doctrinaire “libertarian” and radical Tea Party wings of the Republican party, it’s unhinged entirely from the real world.

    Thanks for the link about the German climate-change “heretic” (gotta love that term).

  8. Nice to see the Koch Bros. (via the Cato Institute) are putting their enormous oil and chemical fortune to good use bankrolling the libertarian punks at Reason TV to make dishonest parody ads. Chrysler has paid back the bailout money, but you’d never know that from this video.

    Additionally, people in glass houses… http://goo.gl/Bu0FB

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