Resolute Newt

Rather than staging a pointless concession “rally” after his distant second-place finish in yesterday’s Nevada caucuses, bucking convention, Newt Gringrich opted instead to hold a bizarre 20-minute press conference at his campaign headquarters.

Repulsive though he may be in almost every respect, it’s a good thing that Gringrich has vowed to remain in the race to the inevitably bitter end. Newt’s remorseless, scorched earth campaign of insurgency against the Republican “establishment” promises to be highly entertaining.

One interesting note from the Nevada caucuses was the fact that despite not having barnstormed the state, Gringrich nevertheless handily beat out Ron Paul, who many had confidently predicted would finish a strong second. So what happened to the waves of youthful libertarians supporting him… were they so busy spamming internet forums with their insane conspiracy theories and furiously raging against the biased “mainstream media” that they simply forgot to show up and vote?


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