Who is Saul Alinsky?

Nice to see Chris Matthews (and others) tackle Newt Gringrich’s puzzling obsession with Saul Alinsky. Turns out, just like so many other weird fixations of the deranged right-wing, to be a classic case of projection.

Bill Maher also defused the mainstreaming of this curiously demented talking point in his “New Rules” monologue the other day after admitting that he didn’t have a clue who Saul Alinksy was before reading about him earlier in the week on Wikipedia.

3 Replies to “Who is Saul Alinsky?”

  1. It’s would appear to be all about tagging Obama, as was done by Caribou Barbie before the Newticle, as someone who pals around with ‘Community Organizers’.

  2. Imagine… the nerve of some people — organizing poor folks to better their lot in life by demanding basic services like routine garbage pick-up! The next thing you know, these uppity peasants will be asking for living wages and clean air!

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