Damn the Paulbots!

As much as I agree with many of Ron Paul’s principled stances on various issues, I just cannot stand the cult of over-zealous fanatics that support him…

Despite all evidence, these folks simply refuse to accept the fact that Dr. Paul will NOT be the Republican nominee for president. To the contrary, they act as if by chanting their mantras loud and long enough, or spamming every damn blog and YouTube video on the Internet with asinine comments… somehow, it will alter reality.

Of course, it won’t do any such thing. At the end of the day, Ron Paul will attract less than 10% of the vote in most contested primaries and while he may have the resources to collect an appreciable number of delegates along the way to the convention… so what? It’s not as if he will have the ability to impact the Republicans’ platform in any significant way – the base of the party has sounded rejected both his isolationist foreign policy proposals and his libertarian approach to controversial domestic issues such as the legalization of drugs. Even most government-hating Republicans realize that his vow to immediately cut federal spending by $1 trillion is an absurd notion that would result in total chaos and economic calamity.

13 Replies to “Damn the Paulbots!”

  1. He has a huge following of supporters under 30 years old. That age bracket tends to be more animated.

  2. There’s no doubt about that. Too bad (for them) so few actually bother turning up to vote, otherwise they might have some real influence and clout. As it stands, politicians can safely ignore their concerns with little consequence.

  3. …”his vow to immediately cut federal spending by $1 trillion is a [somewhat more] absurd notion [than has been motivating U.S. fiscal policies for over 15 years] that would result in [more] total chaos and [a greater] economic calamity.”


  4. Speaking as a 29 year old I can say that all Paul supporters care about is legalizing drugs and ending the war on terror. But I wonder if even half of that crowd actually knows what is policies are? Would they be as supportive if he were going to cut university research funding? Or eliminate student loans? But I’m sure all the response you would get is some blubbering about “freedom”.

  5. In addition to the ones fixated on legalizing drugs, from reading the commentary on various sites that popular with Ron Paul’s supporters, a lot of them seem to be channelling the most disturbing conspiracy theories of Alex Jones. They are absolutely convinced that America is a fascistic police state run solely for the benefit of the Rothchilds and NWO elites.

    Also, judging by the virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric routinely expressed, many appear to be lifetime subscribers to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Seriously, you cannot go two minutes on any forum or video comment box without encountering someone expressing their seething hatred of Jews and “Zionists” that are ruining the world.

    Still others seem to find affinity with survivalists eager to meet the challenges of the global economic collapse and apocalyptic hellscape they fondly envision on a daily basis.

    Which brings us to another constituency of the Ron Paul “Revolution” — the gold bugs and online financial wizards that want to scrap the Fed and all forms of “fiat currency” in order to return to trading precious metals.

    It’s a very, very frightening state of mind these people inhabit. Of course, if you disagree, then you’re a “sheeple” that’s been brainwashed by the corporate media, etc., etc.

  6. i’ve got a theory about the more zealous ron paul culties: they’re habitual losers, born to grouse instinctively. in their heart of hearts, not only do they expect a loss, they’re counting on it. paul’s failure puts them in the eviable position of being about to shout “if you would’ve just listened to me!” anytime there’s an issue (because a ron paul presidency would go off without a hitch, doncha know). an ineffective ron paul presidency would only put them on the receiving end of that.


  7. “Still others seem to find affinity with survivalists eager to meet the challenges of the global economic collapse and apocalyptic hellscape they fondly envision on a daily basis.”

    thank you! i wasn’t sure others saw this same aspect.

    anyone who lists “red dawn” as one of their favorite films secretly hopes for civilization to collapse. then they’ll really shine. no stupid societal constraints like laws and such shit to hold them back from realising their real, unseen potential. *snort!*

    back to the culties: maybe it’s unreasonable, but i believe the avid constituency speaks to the candidacy. bigoted, anti-modernist, born-loser conspiracy nuts flock to rp. where there’s smoke….


  8. KEv: I like your hypothesis that the most zealous RP supporters are “habitual losers” quite eager, once their candidate has been inevitably crushed like a bug, to assume a lofty perch from which they can righteously scold and sanctimoniously berate everyone who didn’t vote “Ron Paul 2012”… blaming them for helping to witlessly facilitate absolutely everything that goes badly from here to eternity.

  9. It’s easy to agitate for a world view and approach to governance when it’s unlikely you will ever actually govern, and actually have to shoulder responsibility for the outcomes of your policies, should you ever be able to enact them. To win and to govern is to soon wipe out the credibility and influence they have in shaping public policy. It seems that they are all too happy to say “well, it would’ve been a lot better if we were in charge,” all the while knowing if they agitate for Z it will move things to their intended outcome, X.

  10. Craig: I think the same could be said of the federal NDP. 😉

    Whenever the rubber meets the road, provincially at least, the NDP turn out to be pretty much the same as the other parties, only with worse management skills and even more hapless policies that raise taxes and run up deficits with little positive effect.

    As for the Ron Paul crowd, what they seem unable to grasp is the notion that “libertarian government” is an oxymoron. Sure, it would be absolutely fascinating to see what a Ron Paul presidency would look like, but it will simply never happen. Nor could such a thing ever exist except in the realm of political fantasy… Which, apparently, is where many of his supporters seem to dwell.

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