To the Moon, Alice!

It’s beyond absurd that alleged “small government” Republicans are adamantly opposed to “wasting” taxpayer dollars on doing much of anything that would repair the basic elements of America’s crumbling infrastructure (i.e., boring employment-creating undertakings that would fix roads, bridges, airports, etc. and improve daily life for ordinary folks), but will propose fantastic manned missions to Mars or pledge to establish a pointless colony on the Moon. Seriously?

When President John Kennedy engaged the American nation in the “space race” it was not only an aspirational challenge and morale booster at the high-water mark of the Cold War, but also a bold initiative that had the practical effect of helping advance scientific research across the board with resulting deliverables in the realm of new technology developments. By contrast, Newt Gringrich’s ridiculous vow to colonize the Moon by the end of his second term in office (talk about hubris) is nothing more than pandering to a fringe constituency of lunatics in the state of Florida.



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4 responses to “To the Moon, Alice!

  1. Peter

    “What did you learn in school today”
    “Dear little boy of mine?”
    “What did you learn in school today”
    “Dear little boy of mine?”

    “I learned that we were the first to put a man on the moon.”
    “And I’m sure we’ll have a hamburger stand there soon.”
    “Next step will be a military base,”
    “But of course just to protect the human race,”
    “Up in space!…Just in case!!”

    “And that’s what I learned in shool today,”
    “that’s what I learned in school.”

    –a very funny Danish folksinger from the 80’s whose name escapes me

  2. billg

    Thats awesome! This is getting so friggin’ good.
    And, its not going to cost much either…well except for the space suit and the super industrial sized zip line.

  3. Newt-mentum might be over.. It was fun while it lasted. I guess even Ann Coulter thinks hes crazy.

  4. And Ann Coulter knows crazy!

    Maybe a lot of people had forgotten that most of Newt’s so-called “big ideas” are kind of loopy and impractical.

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