Proud to be Grandiose

Neat little mock ad from the folks at BuzzFeed pivoting off the accusation that Newt Gringrich is “grandiose”…

It’s actually not surprising in the least that Newt would so readily embrace the term given his attachment to the notion of “American exceptionalism” – a view that holds the United States in an entirely unique position amongst nations of the world for various reasons that are mostly bullshit.

Fun Fact: Joseph Stalin was the first person to employ the term “American exceptionalism” when he castigated the American Communist Party for its deviance from Marxist theory. Go figure.

To the Moon, Alice!

It’s beyond absurd that alleged “small government” Republicans are adamantly opposed to “wasting” taxpayer dollars on doing much of anything that would repair the basic elements of America’s crumbling infrastructure (i.e., boring employment-creating undertakings that would fix roads, bridges, airports, etc. and improve daily life for ordinary folks), but will propose fantastic manned missions to Mars or pledge to establish a pointless colony on the Moon. Seriously?

When President John Kennedy engaged the American nation in the “space race” it was not only an aspirational challenge and morale booster at the high-water mark of the Cold War, but also a bold initiative that had the practical effect of helping advance scientific research across the board with resulting deliverables in the realm of new technology developments. By contrast, Newt Gringrich’s ridiculous vow to colonize the Moon by the end of his second term in office (talk about hubris) is nothing more than pandering to a fringe constituency of lunatics in the state of Florida.