Are You a Climate Change “Denier”?

Did you know that according to some folks, if you accept the scientific premise of climate change but happen to disagree with the fatuous and practically ineffective approaches to mitigating its effects by present means of harmful economic tinkering (mostly for political effect), you are now considered to be a “denier”?

I used to just laugh whenever conservatives derisively mocked environmentalists for being a quasi-religious movement, but perhaps in some respects they were on to something…

Seeing reasonable skeptics such as Bjørn Lomborg ostracized and treated as veritable heretics (aka “deniers”) lends significant credence to the argument that environmental fanatics aren’t essentially that much different in mindset from the hierarchy of the medieval Catholic church.

Mitt’s SOTU Rebuttal

Inveterate flip-flopper and political windsock Mitt Romney criticizes Obama for his “extraordinary… detachment from reality” in terms of his words and actions; all the while being completely oblivious to his own extraordinary detachment – from irony!

Romney is now claiming to be “someone who says what he means and means what he says”… this coming from an empty suit whose positions on any given issue are more changeable than the weather.

Aside from that, Romney really has to stop LYING about the economy.