State of the Union

Usually the SOTU address is a complete snore full of empty rhetoric, lofty sentiments and flowery prose, but I have to admit that the one President Obama delivered tonight was relatively clear, concise (as much as these expansive things can be) and downright kick-ass in parts.

When it becomes available I’ll post the video here, but in the meantime, I thought it might be amusing to see the “response” (in truth, a canned “prebuttal” despite the blatantly false mislabelling of the video) uploaded by Lynn Jenkins, a Republican Congresswoman from the 2nd District of Kansas… who eerily resembles the Amy Sedaris character Geraldine Antonia “Jerri” Blank on Strangers with Candy.

Is it any wonder that Obama can’t get anything done when forced to deal with an elected majority of inane, mendacious fuckwits like this?

Update: Complete “enhanced” version of the SOTU.

Right-Wing Cat Killers

Jacob Burris, campaign manager for Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden, came home Sunday night to find his family cat dead on the front porch with the word “LIBERAL” written on the carcass.

For some bizarre reason, CNN won’t allow your presumably delicate sensibilities to be offended by the pic (better they suppose you should just vividly imagine it), so here it is:

Far be it for me to draw any connection whatsoever between this incident and the incessant stream of vile, hateful rhetoric that’s been directed towards “liberals” day in and day out for the past 30 years via right-wing media, let alone suggest that the seminal paper Language: A Key Mechanism of Control, penned by none other than Newt Gringrich, may have anything at all to do with it.

In complete fairness, we don’t actually know who committed this crime. Conceivably, it may be a (typically depraved) “liberal” seeking to tarnish the esteemed reputation of right-wing political activists… you know, just like the ones that are immediately determined to be “plants” of the nefarious Left whenever some especially crazed right-wing lunatic goes haywire at a rally or says/does anything utterly reprehensible.

Profile in Gutless Pandering

At a rally in Florida the other day, a disgruntled bigot drew enthusiastic applause from a crowd of likeminded Republican tools when she claimed that Obama is “an avowed Muslim… who has no legal right to be calling himself president.” Standing silently at the podium, Rick Santorum tacitly condoned her slanderous bullshit before responding with asinine remarks of his own that simply affirmed her more paranoid assertions.

Whatever else his faults, when confronted with a similar situation back in 2008, John McCain at least had the essential decency to school some of his more fearful, addlebrained supporters.