No Heat, No Light

Contrary to expectations and all the advance hype, it was quite a flat, disappointingly ineffective, and weirdly obtuse Republican “debate” hosted by NBC in Florida tonight.

That was probably the most heated exchange of the evening – a pointless quibble over what constitutes “lobbying” on behalf of government sponsored entities… Zzzzz. There was almost no discussion about jobs, the economy, or the fate of entitlement programs like Social Security.

4 Replies to “No Heat, No Light”

  1. Yeah, that was another puzzler. Classic Newt. Kooky ideas that make everyone go, “Huh?” My fave is this one: “A mirror system in space could provide the light equivalent of many full moons so that there would be no need for nighttime lighting of the highways. Ambient light covering entire areas could reduce the current danger of criminals lurking in the darkness. Mirrors could be arranged to light given metropolitan areas only during particular periods, so there would be darkness late at night for sleeping.”

  2. I’ve been busy with work stuff…

    Just heard his latest kooky idea while pandering to the space cadets down in Florida. I love the notion that it’s impossible to fix roads, bridges or build high-speed rail lines, but he’s vowing to establish a Moon colony by the end of his second term. It’s beyond ridiculous.

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