“Double Negative” SuperPAC Ad

From the definitely not co-ordinating with Stephen Colbert Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow SuperPAC, a negative ad attacking the negative ads of the Republican frontrunners… then vows donations will be used to “destroy both these guys and their SuperPACs with a merciless ad torn so fierce they’ll wish they’d never been incorporated… an orgy of pure distortion leaving nothing behind – but the clean campaign we all deserve.”



Filed under 2012 U.S. Election, Advertising, Humour, Republican Party

2 responses to ““Double Negative” SuperPAC Ad

  1. If anyone doubts whether Colbert leans left or right, just remember he gave his superPAC money to Jon Stewart. I was just speaking with someone who thinks Colbert is a secret Republican and confronted her with this. She couldn’t explain it, but her belief didn’t waver. I stood there acting smug and not surprised, because I really was both.

  2. It’s hard to say what Colbert’s “true” political beliefs are behind his artful façade of being an willfully obtuse, right-wing blowhard. As long as his targets are fairly indiscriminate, I can’t see that it really matters.

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