Über Mitt!

Mitt Romney gets asked what time it is and responds with a stilted history of watch-making through the ages…

Good grief, I didn’t even know there was yet another Republican “debate” on the TV machine tonight. Guess I’ll have to view it online now to see if John King followed up by asking WHY Romney’s father was born in Mexico… Also, how could he run for president back in 1967 if he wasn’t born in the USA? But never mind, that would be sidetracking…

What was the original question? Something to do with disclosing tax returns, I believe. Curious that it ended up with a feeble affirmation of everyone being “One Nation Under God”… Sheesh, it must have taken some mind-bending logic to connect those two things!


2 Replies to “Über Mitt!”

  1. “How dare you attack my religion, in this day and age!”

    (crowd leaps to its feet while flustered moderator checks his notes . . . he could have sworn he asked about tax returns ;).

    Welcome to the Republican Party. The only thing George Orwell didn’t quite capture was the sheer devotion with which the masses embraced double-speak.

  2. I think what Orwell failed to capture was that half “the masses” would voluntarily disengage themselves from the process in favour of being entertained by video games, television, and films…

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