The “Joy” of Snow

Awhhhhhh, it’s so cute when the folks on the West Coast get a magical touch of snow in the middle of winter and the temperature plunges to a frigid -8 C or whatever…

I suspect the sledding frolickers and wonderstruck foreigners visiting from even warmer climes might be somewhat less thrilled at venturing outdoors when the temperature is –40 C and snow has already been a fixture on the ground for the last three months.

3 Replies to “The “Joy” of Snow”

  1. How quickly you’ve become a self-righteous Winterpegger, RT!! You can’t have forgotten WHY this cold weather is such a news story, though. Of course, we are weather wimps, just like whatever tourists are idiotic enough to have come here during the Monsoon season. But the other problems are: small budget for snow removal, which is quite reasonable, considering how rarely it needs to be done. The steep hills and wetness of the snow making the roads very slippery; and the locals not having the kind of winter wardrobes suitable for such brutal weather. Apart from that, there is certainly enough stupidity to go around! Case in point being the nimwits who think all season tires mean “all season”, Love ya!!

  2. Yeah, I know… but I couldn’t resist.

    Actually, the thought came to me when I was telling someone yesterday morning when out on a smoke break that it wasn’t actually too bad (it was -30 at the time) considering the news was saying it was -55 in some parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The fellow I was talking to then came back with a “Why, that’s nothing!” story about one time when he lived outside Edmonton and it was -70 and his car that had been plugged in overnight in his garage wouldn’t start…

    Canadians are weird that way when it comes to actually bragging about how incredibly fucking cold it can be.

  3. Heh heh. If there is any such thing as a Canadian identity, RT, I think it’s tied up with the fucking cold – how our brave ancestors built this country out of icebergs, how tough we are in those minus 70 temps, like the TV commercial says, “No self respecting Canadian ever says,’Let’s wait for a warmer day’…” (I would, but don’t tell anyone how un-Canadian I am, eh?”

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