Down & Dirty

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

This isn’t the first time that Newt’s embittered second wife has emerged in the media to seek revenge for being cheated on and dumped for another woman, although it will most certainly be the last and most decisively inopportune. Karma is such a bitch.



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17 responses to “Down & Dirty

  1. Parklife

    I rather liked the idea of a Newt v. Obama match-up. Or at least would have liked to watch Mitt squirm a bit more.

  2. billg

    One ex….a few flings…..tried for the ol’ 3rd person in sack… sure he’s a Rep? cuz thats getting into Dem territory.

  3. Bill: Difference is that Dems don’t go around hypocritically preaching about “family values” to the rubes…

  4. …thats getting into Dem territory.

    True. Newt should stick with the orthodox items of the GOP degeneracy portfolio, like soliciting undercover officers for fellatio in airport lavatories.

  5. Or, just click here for a partial list of more Republican “family values” escapades…

  6. billg

    They all preach family values RT. I just think its funny that a Rep candidate for Pres has a sex scandal..its just something you dont see alot of.
    No Left shot intended Sir Francis. I’ve said it on this blog, Obama will not be defeated by anyone in this field, so, that being the case, I’d like to see Gingrich win the nomination..just for the sheer fun of it.

  7. Peter

    I think you can tell a lot about a country’s political culture from its sex scandals. The French are not only tolerant, they are downright proud of the cinque-a-sept with its echos of La Belle Epoque–drop dead gorgeous mistresses, high fashion and good living. The Brits specialize in the kinky–they never seem too far removed from their formative midnight boarding school initiations or erotic disciplinarian nannies. The Yanks win the prize for tawdiness and sleaze–interns servicing in the Oval Office, televangelists with their pants down in cash-only motels, cheating on the terminally ill wife. I suspect the reason so many eventually find Jesus is because He had been looking for them for a long time. In wild and crazy Canada, our idea of a sex scandal is a visit to a massage parlour, which we all in empathetic embarassment dutifully insist is none of our business, especially after being assured to our collective relief the faithful wife knew all about it.

  8. Craig Chamberlain

    “… Is as despicable as anything I can imagine.”

    Really, Mr. Gringrich? A question about your questionable conduct in a job interview of sorts to lead the free world, where everything comes down to trust based on your past conduct, and your integrity, and that is as despicable as anything you can imagine?

    Well, you are your ilk are certainly a different kind of animal. Most of us would have enough… decency?… to at least acknowledge to ourselves why we shouldn’t qualify for the role. With a fraction of the past you’re so indignant about.

    And his wives make sense of his conduct until it’s them that gets dumped.

    And of course he’s different now, he’s grown, blah, blah, blah. Well, if that’s true, Mr. Gringrich… Why do you still think you deserve the job?!?

  9. An American newspaper once held a contest to invent the most boring headline imaginable: the winner was “worthy Canadian initiative.” By the same token, a scintillating Canadian sex scandal is difficult to imagine.

  10. Rotterdam

    I think this will help Newt, just as it helped Clinton. Americans do not care anymore.

  11. You’re probably right. Seems they love a sinner. Especially one that’s confessed and been “redeemed” by God.

    What a racket.

  12. Peter

    Yeah, but Red, some of them might say “You Canadians are just jealous because you are so boring you have so little to repent.”

  13. I guess it’s the difference between a country founded by a violent revolution that 70 years later underwent a bloody civil war and one established on the essential principles of “peace, order and good government”…

  14. Peter

    Or perhaps the difference between one that believes in the principles of duty, discretion and hygenic sex and one that believes in a good time. 🙂

    I must admit, though, I can’t square Newt with the socially conservative side of the American right. Neither apparently can many in the GOP.

  15. Heh. I don’t often agree with Rich Lowry, but he’s absolutely spot on in that article you linked to. I also liked the title of the piece he referenced calling Newt the “Bill Clinton of the Right with half the charm and twice the abrasiveness.”

    It’s actually not difficult at all to square the circle when it comes to Newt if one is tuned into the pulse of the hardcore Republican base. All one has to do is go back to the lingering resentments and imagined victimization of the “Angry White Males” that are the wellspring of his support. All that phoney “family values” bullshit is the first thing to get conveniently tossed overboard when the prime objective is destroying an uppity black liberal.

  16. Craig Chamberlain

    I’ve likely fallen out of my tree on this one, but I have to wonder if Mr. Gringrich would have a better shot at the Oval Office if he positioned himself as someone who avoided the religious right — many of whom having no intention of voting for Obama anyways, and building a broader base of Republicans and disaffected Democrats.

  17. I think Newt will have imploded long before such considerations are necessary.

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