Mitt The Ripper

The unaffiliated (definitely not co-ordinating with Stephen Colbert) SuperPAC “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” has just released the following advertisement, which logically proposes that if “corporations are people” then Mitt Romney should be regarded as a serial killer…

The way Colbert has methodically gone about illustrating on his show over the past several months the absurd ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has been absolutely brilliant. Now linking that effort to also ridicule the insane legal fiction of corporate personhood takes things to a whole new level.



Filed under 2012 U.S. Election, Humour, Legal Issues, SCOTUS

2 responses to “Mitt The Ripper

  1. LOL! Hilarious!

    But seriously, I’d like to see this discussed more during the election. (yeah, I know, good luck with that)

  2. If not for brilliant satirists like Colbert, the issue wouldn’t receive much attention in the corporate news media.

    Too bad their message will likely never reach the “low information voters” that make up the VAST majority of rubes casting ballots.

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