Mitt-Sock Wins! (again)

It took all of 10 minutes after the polls closed for Willard “Mitt” Romney to be declared the winner of the New Hampshire primary election.

Meanwhile, there will be four hours of “live” coverage on all the cable news networks analyzing the results and pretending there is some great significance to be gleaned from sifting through the entrails of the vote.

Update: Final results can be found here. Romney scored almost 40% of the 239,000 people voting, giving him an additional 12 (0.5 percent) of the total 2,286 Republican delegates.

4 Replies to “Mitt-Sock Wins! (again)”

  1. And yet, CBCNN tried to talk endlessly about how this was Huntsman’s “Big Bet.” I think CBCNN was just looking for something to fill the time. In any event, I take it his children who, in the last campaign, were defended by Mitt when it came to asking why promoting his campaign was inter-changeable with serving in Iraq, already back performing their civic duty.

  2. JKG: There’s no question this was Huntsman’s “big bet” and he did enjoy a modest surge towards the end of the race. Had the time-span between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary not been compressed to little more than a week because of arcane backroom machinations between the states, the results could have been much different given that Romney’s support was steadily eroding on a daily basis.

    The media spin will probably be that Huntsman was the real second place finisher if one conveniently discounts the “irrelevant” support for Ron Paul. So where he goes from here is up in the air… A sensible option for Huntsman would be to pack it in at this point. Which is quite a pity, as he was probably the least crazy, intellectually corrupt and/or morally bankrupt douchebag amongst the Republican hopefuls (notwithstanding Buddy Roemer and certain others nobody has ever heard of).

  3. If the Republicans would stop banging the drums for Jeebus for a second and actually use their heads they might see that Huntsman is a bright, level headed, thoughtful and qualified candidate (don’t get me wrong I disagree with his policies). Unfortunately Huntsman has a few strikes against him, he is a big scary Mormon, he not only speaks Mandarin he can find China on one of those ‘orb shaped maps’ and is well aware that they already have nukes, and worst of all he actually worked for the US under Pres Obamas … in the eyes of the GOP he might as well be a crap covered leper .

  4. “orb-shaped maps” LOL

    Yeah, I totally agree with you about Huntsman. I’m not onside with a lot of his domestic policies, but he seems like a fairly reasonable person and based on his record as Governor of Utah would probably be an effective president… At least, as much as one can be given the completely dysfunctional nature of the U.S. Congress these days.

    Seems his third-place showing has given him enough encouragement to carry on to South Carolina. I guess we’ll see how the LDS thing plays against him down there. Likewise with having served as Obama’s Ambassador to China. Maybe wrapping himself in the flag with his trite “Country First” slogan will be sufficient to dampen that particular line of attack. Not sure though what he’s going to do about his other negatives; i.e., believing in science, speaking a second language, not being a complete fucking retard, etc.

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