Better Know a Flake

Give it up to the good folks in New Hampshire who last month actually staged a serious 2 hour-long C-SPAN forum for “lesser known candidates” running for President of the United States to broadcast their pitches to hundreds of viewers and answer legitimate questions from the press about government relations, energy, foreign policy and the merits of a pony-based economy…

Most of the flaky Republicans in the first half of the video are eminently forgettable bores; actually just pale imitations of the frontrunners. The real fun is with the Democratic “contenders” scrapping for 1% of the vote in a primary that you probably thought would be won by unanimous acclamation.

Self-described “friendly fascist” Vermin Supreme (that would be the bearded fellow with the giant gumboot on his head) was clearly the most outstanding example of Rhino Party absurdity, with his platform of mandatory dental hygiene and a free pony for every American… Insane “pro-life” homophobe and hateful ranter Randall Terry was equally ridiculous, but not nearly as funny.

Mitt Romney: “Job Creator”

Interesting discussion from this weekend’s “Up w/ Chris Hayes” program about the true nature of Mitt Romney’s dubious wealth-extracting endevours in the “free market” as a private equity investor (the polite term for “corporate vampire”).

Oblivious to ironic contradiction on multiple levels, the anonymous SuperPAC backing Newt Gingrich has released a trailer for a half-hour long, fact-based “documentary” (not to be confused with an expensive negative smear campaign) entitled When Mitt Romney Came to Town that promises to expose with much pathos and gloomy cinematics, the devastating effects of Romney-owned Bain Capital’s evil business model on the working folk of America:

It’s expected that the film will be released to coincide with the South Carolina primary – a wrastlin’ showdown that promises to be supremely vicious and ugly.

The Evolution of Negative Advertising

The absurdly hypocritical “Pot v. Kettle” sniping towards the end of yesterday’s MTP debate between Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney over the legitimacy and moral superiority of the viciously negative ad campaigns being waged by their respective Super-PACs reminded me of this classic bit of satire from the wonderful HBO series Mr. Show:

Not of course a direct corollary to the present electoral situation, but it can be presumed that at the end of the day, these two egregiously phony douchebags will eventually unite forces to venomously attack what they perceive as being the “greater evil”…