Worst “Debate”… Ever

Good grief, what an abysmal travesty ABC News televised earlier this evening in New Hampshire. Absent any substantive discussion, the most notable “gaffe” the media was able to latch onto (something that’s now supposedly trending in the Twittersphere) was Jon Huntsman’s ill-timed barb at Mitt Romney for being a clueless idiot… delivered, unfortunately for him, in Mandarin Chinese.

In case you didn’t see it, imagine six cantankerous mental midgets doing nothing for a couple of tedious hours but alternately sniping at one another with ineffective spitballs when not regurgitating snippets of now-familiar blather from their insane stump speeches.

Once again, Willard “Mitt” Romney inexplicably emerged unscathed from the utterly pointless fray as the “inevitable” GOP nominee that makes practically every sentient human remotely familiar with his outrageous fakery cringe with a frisson of disgust.

Update: Well, the MTP early-morning “breakfast debate” was certainly a much livelier and entertainingly confrontational encounter than the previous night’s woeful affair on ABC, but still suffered from the usual drawbacks of these events, catering as they do to viewers with short attention spans and even shorter memories.

What I would love to see (not that it would be practicable or will likely ever happen) is to have a live “Fact-Check” feature that would give an “on-the-fly” assessment of the veracity of statements made by the candidates… you know, ranging from “pants on fire” to “true” in some graphical Truth-O-Meter format appearing on the bottom of the screen in real-time.


9 Replies to “Worst “Debate”… Ever”

  1. I disagree it had a series of entertaining moments, from Perry wanting to re-invade Iraq, to Romney stumbling for a full 30 seconds on the question of states banning contraception, trying his best to not answer or to look like he already did, to Huntsman going Manchurian candidate, to Paul attacking Santorum.

    Others may say it was boring or this proved Romney will win it, but it was entertaining, well it should be to anyone who doesnèt have to vote for one of these guys.

  2. Its your time and energy but, I really dont care who wins the “who’s next for Obama to trounce” game show. Now that Cain and Gingrich are pretty much done the fun is over…the rest are vanilla.

  3. Bill: I know what you mean, although I’d dispute the notion that Obama is likely to “trounce” whatever candidate the Republicans end up nominating. In the idiocracy that is America it seems there’s almost always a virtual 50/50 split in opinion on just about anything… Even a broken-down geriatric hack like John McCain and his zany wingnut sidekick Sarah Palin damn near beat Obama last time around. Lt’s not forget that a month or so before the election this madly dysfunctional duo was actually leading in the polls!

  4. I dispute your dispute. Obama will be given his second term, then, 10 minutes after winning, Keystone will be approved leaving the next Dem Pres candidate without the support of Darryl Hannah and Rosie O’Donnell and 10 billion from Hollywood guaranteeing a Rep victory. All this is in the Myan calender/

  5. Romney doesn’t have to debate, he could just sit up there and knit a scarf. He will still be the pick simply because if there ever was a picture of the person responsible for this thought process ‘Well, *sigh* at least he isn’t ______________’ it would be Romney. The republicans made this bed, hoping a Christie or Jeb Bush would step up, but no such luck and now they are stuck with this messy, Santorum filled bed they made. That must make Romney feel special.

  6. Quite so. Which explains the consternation of the majority of Republicans at the prospect of voting for what they regard as a phony, flip-flopping douchebag. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. 😉

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