Faux Wingnut Outrage: Xmas Edition

Former half-term Alaska Governor, wannabe celebrity, and brain-addled Fox News “analyst” Sarah Palin thinks the Obama White House’s official greeting card is “odd” because it fails to adequately highlight traditions like “family, faith and freedom.”

Evidently, Palin speaks for many rabid right-wing Obama haters out there… at least insofar as being shamelessly petty, hypocritical, and completely fucking ignorant.



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7 responses to “Faux Wingnut Outrage: Xmas Edition

  1. Tomm

    That was very funny.

    FOX seems quite OK with the concept of hypocrisy. I wonder if we could get them to call someone else a hypocrite, and then we show them to be hypocritical about their own hypocrisy.

    If we then had a news show debating that, we could explore the hypocrisy of hyposcrisy.

    I kind of like the Odd Christmas card.

    I wonder if Sarah is going to take a run at it. The Republicans appear to be eating themselves whole, might as well add another turkey for the primary feast.

  2. When it comes to Fox and hypocrisy, I’m reminded of an expression I heard the other day… it’s like an orchard of low-hanging fruit.

  3. Parklife

    Pretty awesome. Christopher Knight, LA Times art critic, pointed out that Palin isnt much of a history buff. But, I think we knew that already.

  4. I don’t think she’s much of a “reality” buff either.

  5. The card also fails to state, “The president is not a Marxist, madrassa-schooled, Kenyan Islamist jihadi,” in a clear tacit admission, by omission, of what the Tea Party has been saying all along. It’s the smoking gun, Red.

  6. “Culture warriors” are pretty frickin’ stupid.

  7. SF: Indeed. Guilt by omission. Case closed!

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