Ex-Dear Leader Hysteria

I tweeted this earlier in the day, but the scenes just keep replaying though my head with annoying frequency for some disturbing reason. In one respect, it’s difficult not to simply scoff at the ridiculous demonstrations of hysterical “grief” over the death of the demented little totalitarian freak that was Kim Kim Jong-il. At the same time, however, it’s also a truly horrifying expression of the depraved effects a lifetime of being subjected to state propaganda and systemic intellectual repression can have on people.

And now the North Koreans have a “Great Successor” to carry on the mantle of this deeply bizarre, quasi-religious, communist regime. Interesting days ahead…



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10 responses to “Ex-Dear Leader Hysteria

  1. Craig Chamberlain

    Wisdom teaches us when it is best to cry. Those North Koreans are especially wise today.

  2. John Harker

    Hysterical crying? I thought you were referring to a Ron Paul rally.

  3. John Harker

    Which his supporters can also pop up in annoying frequency.

  4. I’d love to throttle the neck of every fanatical moron that feels compelled to write “Ron Paul 2012!” as an appropriate comment online (irrespective of it having any relevance to the subject matter at hand). Somehow, these maniacal robots in the thrall of a supposedly “libertarian” cause are oblivious to the massively ironic contradiction of their own thoughtless, lock-step behaviour.

  5. Tomm

    As all thinking, feeling people, I look forward to the rule of the Great Successor. There is no doubt that the Dear Leader has chosen well.

  6. If so, then it’s evident the Dear Leader didn’t have much to choose from in his septic little gene pool. In what limited appearances he’s made to date, the “Great Successor” appears to be a befuddled nitwit.

  7. CWTF

    Harper is dead?

  8. Tomm

    I haven’t been able to tell if the Great Successor wears lifts or not.

  9. Don’t think so. He doesn’t seem as dwarfish as his father. Apparently, he’s a basketball fan… go figure.

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