Trudeau’s S-Bomb

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, in parliament yesterday, Liberal MP and Guy Fawkes impersonator Justin Trudeau called Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit.” Despite being factually accurate, Trudeau subsequently apologized unreservedly to the House for his “decidedly unparliamentary” remark.

Speaking on CTV’s “Power Play” later in the day, Trudeau clarified the reasons for his uncivil outburst.

For whatever it’s worth, in an online poll conducted by CBC that asked if Trudeau’s comment disappointed them, almost 80% of respondents indicated that it did not.

14 Replies to “Trudeau’s S-Bomb”

  1. The Harper-Cons have their hair on fire because somebody in the heat of the moment shouted out a commonly understood noun. Sh!t.

    The Harper-Cons go holier-than-thou about their business of lying, cheating, and perverting the democratic process. They can boast laughingly of telling lies while posing as official pollsters (i.e., “We understand that your M.P., Irwin Cotler, will resign after the next election. If so, who would you vote for?”) Ha ha ha … the Harper-Cons simply wanted to stir Cotler’s constituents up a bit, they said. Right out loud!!

    “Reprehensible behaviour!” said the Speaker of the House, whose job it is to rule on such things. But … shucks … then he let the Harper-Cons slither off-stage, free to inspire our kids and exasperate anybody who thought that integrity was part of growing up healthy.

    Surely, the Harper-Con government is all a goodly heap of sh!t, if you ask me And I hope Justin Trudeau aspires to high office.

  2. Do you think that CBC poll reflects the fact that 80% of the public agree Kent is a piece of shit or that they think they are all pieces of shit?

  3. I’m actually not sure. One way to read the poll is that people set a pretty low bar when it comes to the sort of conduct they expect from their MPs. It would be kind of like asking whether you were “disappointed” in the hamburger you received at McDonald’s.

  4. “……… an online poll conducted by CBC that asked if Trudeau’s comment disappointed them, almost 80% of respondents indicated that it did not.”
    Wow, really?

    For whatever it’s worth


  5. “its wrong to say what I said, but, that guy Kent really made me mad”…..
    Kent deserved to be called a ‘lying’ piece of shit so why the apology?
    Liberals will tread water until they actually believe in something.
    Take the fucking gloves off…I’m tired of watching a ringette game.

  6. Bill: I’m inclined to agree with you. Kent was being a condescending and totally disingenuous little prick at the time he was smugly berating the NDP MP for not attending the meeting he’d prevented her from attending. He deserved to be called out for being a douchebag… although perhaps not in that way.

  7. Yes, yes, but how many Canadians do you think give a damn who was on the Canadian delegation? Honestly, the Libs and Dippers, and most of their supporting bloggers, are acting as if they can supplant the Cons by just telling Harper horror stories over and over, a strategy they’ve been following since 2006 and through three elections. They’re both in leadership conventions and the Libs, at least, are all excited about “renewal”, but almost nothing is coming out of either camp that would give voters any idea what they would do. Plus a fair number of these so-called “outrages” and assaults on democracy seem to involve being mean to the Opposition, poor babies. It reminds me a lot of the Tory wasteland during the Trudeau years–endless complaints about high-handed governance, disrespect for Parliament, ministerial scandals, yada, yada, and total confusion about policy.

  8. Red, does it matter how many times the Cons lie? Their followers don’t give a shit how blatant or illogical it is….

  9. It seemed to be an honest enough of a moment for JT. I imagine he’s since thought of all sorts of four lettered words that would have come off a bit better in how he framed them. And I also agree with Bill — if JT had phrased it differently, maybe he would not have felt the need to apologize.

    Or, he could’ve just mooned Kent. And better yet if all of the oppostion MPs did as well, following his example.

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