WPITW: Fox & Fiends

The late great Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Unfortunately that concept is totally alien to Fox “News” that gets busted in this instance for blatantly misrepresenting unemployment figures on graphs to fit its own counterfactual narrative:

As for the actual “winner” being the crowds attending the GOP “debates” that seem prone to enthusiastically cheering for the death penalty, allowing the uninsured to die without treatment, fatally electrocuting illegal immigrants, and putting poor black kids to work cleaning school latrines… Pretty standard fare for the average Republican primary voter, apparently. There really is no proposition too outlandishly crazy, mean-spirited, or downright inhumane for these feverishly angry crackpots not to support with tremendous gusto.

9 Replies to “WPITW: Fox & Fiends”

  1. The Democrats certainly have their work cut out for themselves, deciding on which clips to use against the Republicans in their ads leading up to the presidential election… the challenge is not just a matter of trying to short-list the “best” of the worst, a mind-numbing exercise where someone will be tasked with the job of re-living these moments of brilliance, over and over again, nevermind the volume of material to wade through, but they deserve pity because after all of that they are faced with the sad likelihood the audience will stand to applaud them when the ads come on.

  2. Well I thought all the mentally ill were on the streets huckestering for coins, but no, I’m wrong. They’re running for the Republican Presidential nomination. Good, keeps them off the streets. Sad because come election day most will be back on the streets!

  3. Letting kids make a little bit of extra income to help their families make ends meet, while potentially keeping them out of gangs? What a godawful idea. It’s a job, not slavery. They’d get paid to do it, it’s voluntary, and really I’m struggling to find one bad thing about it other than forcing current janitors out of work. It teaches kids responsibility, keeps them off the streets, and gives them an income. All three of those are positives.

    Also anyone who goes to an ER is guaranteed treatment, insurance or not. The death penalty exists for a reason, and I for one wish it would be brought back here. And the electrified fence would serve more as a deterrent. Saying “fatally electrocuting illegal immigrants” is deliberately misleading.

  4. Not as wild as,

    1. giving junkies needles to shoot heroin into their veins,
    2. allowing woman to kill their own offspring a second before birth,
    3. giving people 600 a month ( welfare) and calling it “compassion”,
    4. allowing citizens to die waiting for health care all in the name of “equality”,
    5. allowing a former attorney general of Ontario to write a book even though he murdered somebody,
    6. need more?

    The loons on the right can at least say their values are traditional for the country they reside in.

    The radicals on the left however need to go to Cuba or Venezuela for their “unique” ideas.

    Big difference.

  5. “People advocating a return to child labour ! I really never thought I would live to see this …”

    You have lived to see speech codes enforced here in Canada.

    Are you proud of Canada and the “freedoms” we are told we get to enjoy?

  6. Chris: I’m struggling to find one bad thing about it other than forcing current janitors out of work.

    I think that speaks for itself.

    The notion of cultivating a “work ethic” amongst the underclass by incentivizing their kids to clean out the toilets at their own school is… appalling. I presume you were once a kid yourself, so can you not possibly imagine how utterly degrading, shameful, and humiliating that would be?

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