Ron Bless America

The other day, I expressed admiration for the aggressive new F-150ish “Big Dogs” ad from the Ron Paul campaign, but Conan O’Brian’s parody of it is even more brilliant.

“You want cuts? You got ‘em! He’ll cut $1 skrillion of government spending in week one! That’s skrillion… with a skrill!” Priceless.

Funnily enough, this parody will do absolutely nothing to dissuade rabid Ron Paul revolutionaries, many of which seem to positively yearn for the loopy idea of a chaotic libertarian apocalypse, even if it involves fending off an army of starving marauders with a rusty pipe.

Tom Flanagan: Out of the Closet!

Speaking on CBC’s Power & Politics show about the government’s decision to renounce the hapless Kyoto Treaty, Harper mentor and political “scientist” Tom Flanagan admits he believes global warming is a “non-problem” that he attributes possibly to “cosmic rays” and says “it’s time or the deniers to come out of the closet.”

Gee, I didn’t really think there was anything actually holding back the so-called “deniers” given the vehemently obstreperous campaign relentlessly waged in the editorial pages of this country’s conservative media establishment each and every day dismissively trashing the notion of “anthropogenicity” as a contributing factor to demonstrable changes in the environment. Should be interesting to see what happens once all these closeted “deniers” are liberated to speak their minds…