Ron Paul “Big Dogs” Ad

You don’t have to agree with the message to admire this ballsy new ad by the Ron Paul campaign.

Kudos to whatever advertising shop created it!


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7 responses to “Ron Paul “Big Dogs” Ad

  1. CWTF

    If only they could get rid of that wimpy voice over at the end…. ; >

  2. John Harker

    I must give kudos to the Paul campaign, it was everything that americans love in their television ads. Slick, concise, and it didn’t have any boring stuff like charts or graphs.

  3. harebell

    Reminded me of the new Dodge ad
    “Guts, glory….”
    It’s a truck and an expensive one at that.
    Devoid of any facts or foundation in reality just like RP I guess.

  4. Scott Ross

    That is remarkably similar, and no doubt after the same audience, as the Denis Leary Ford Truck ads


  6. You guys are right… It is quite reminiscent of a truck ad. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  7. all the subtlety of a brawndo ad.


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