Fake Billionaire to Moderate GOP Debate

News that reality-show host Donald Trump will be “moderating” a post-Christmas Republican “debate” in Iowa gave Lawrence O’Donnell yet another delightful opportunity last night to heap copious amounts of scathing abuse on the obnoxious grifter…

Of course, should the Newsmax-sponsored event actually come to fruition it will definitely be “must-see TV” – but solely as entertainment or horrific spectacle, which speaks volumes about what a pathetic joke these so-called debates have devolved into.

2 Replies to “Fake Billionaire to Moderate GOP Debate”

  1. I’m sure Romney is looking better by the day for the Repubs, but Im sure they’ll find something else about him they don’t like.

  2. Not hard to find plenty of things to dislike about Romney. His robotic, seemingly insincere persona for starters (especially when he lamely tries to “connect” with real people). More significantly detrimental however, is his unscrupulous malleability on critical issues of importance to Republican voters. As many have pointed out, “there’s no there there” when it comes to passionately held convictions on the part of Romney.

    Funnily enough, those same qualities won Stephen Harper leadership of a majority government here in Canada… so go figure.

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