Right-Wingers Aren’t Funny: Part XLVII

Here’s another utterly dismal attempt at comedy by right-wing partisans, this time from the ultra-conservative folks at Pajamasmedia with a fake newscast presumably intended to resemble The Onion. Minus anything amusing, witty, or delightful.

Why can’t these right-wing clods simply accept the demonstrably obvious fact that their sense of humour is severely impaired for whatever reason, thereby preventing them from being in the least bit funny? Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a little flashback featuring two of the right-wing’s foremost “comedians” on the short-lived Fox News version of The Daily Show a few years back:

If you were able to endure that without viscerally cringing then you too may be suffering from the same crippling humour-impairment affliction that seems endemic amongst right-wing tools and should perhaps seek professional help.

13 Replies to “Right-Wingers Aren’t Funny: Part XLVII”

  1. I don’t know how to spell the awkward noises these videos elicit; Onomatopoeia fails me.

    Also, Acting President Coulter is the thing nightmares are made of.

  2. There’s a reason that 2nd clip features a canned laughter track; the producers couldn’t assemble a live audience that’d respond to it with genuine laughter.

    Embarassed titter, perhaps. Real guffaws, no.

  3. Paul: Not sure that’s the best example, but “conservatives” are often noted to claim they were “joking” whenever caught out making ignorant, bigoted, racist or generally offensive remarks. Again, indicative of the their lack of comprehension in the Humour Department.

  4. Redtory, like when they suggest that they’d electrify the fence on the border between the US and Mexico in order to electrocute border jumpers? Or by rhetorically asking why Chelsea Clinton is “so ugly” and then proffering the answer: “because her father is Janet Reno”? Or by claiming that Christians are “perfected” Jews. Or even by suggesting that Michael J. Fox is exaggerating the effects of his illness in order to make a greater impact during a commercial advocating stem cell research for Parkinson’s disease?

    Yeah, conservatives have a particular sense of humour that I thank goodness each and every day that I just don’t get.

  5. Good examples. I think the problem with our “conservative” friends in this regard is that they’re always half-serious about things such as lethal electrocution of would-be border jumpers.

  6. Redtory, no kidding. This week on Fox News Megyn Kelly said that pepper spray (as used on peaceful protesters who had merely linked arms) was not a big deal because it’s “a food product, essentially.” Now, Megyn Kelly isn’t a politician, but I think that we can agree that there is little that is said by Kelly and her ilk on Fox News that isn’t said with politics in mind. Minimizing the use of pepper spray because it’s essentially a food product is ridiculous… I’ve never been sprayed with the stuff, but I can’t imagine that while it’s burning your eyes you’re thinking a lot about its potential application in Mexican cuisine.

  7. The first video is an atrocious example. The second was “meh”. Ever watch “Pawn Stars” ? I’m not sure what the political affiliations of the guys who work at their store, but their banter probably best exemplifies how conservatives joke around amongst themselves.

    As for a good example of ‘conservative’ comedy, this might be good:

    Watch it with an open mind, and if you have the ability to laugh at yourself, then it builds up pretty nicely to the punch line.

  8. Hitfan: Wow. That was an arduous trek for a pretty lame joke.

    Is that the best example of “humour” not tainted by the horrid scourge of liberalism you could come up with?

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