9 Replies to “A Man of Steadiness & Constancy”

  1. On November 22nd Willard Mitt Romney told the audience in North Carolina that, just like Wolf is Wolf Blitzer’s real first name, Mitt is, indeed, his first name… really, Willard? Can’t even keep your names from flip-flopping around?

  2. Indeed. A man who lies about his own name… The bar doesn’t get much lower than that for how readily one will prevaricate at the drop of a hat about absolutely anything.

  3. (Could you imagine what his one-on-one meetings with foreign leaders would look like as President?! By the end of their time, he would have changed his administration’s core foreign policy positions at least twice and then end it all by saying something entirely different again at their joint media conference.)

  4. Craig, if things got bad enough under President Romney he could just flip-flop and deny that he was ever elected President.

    “I don’t know what you mean, I’ve been in Massachusetts this whole time!”

  5. Terry; or:

    “Hi, I’m Mitt Williard Mitt Wolf Obama Romney, and… I approve of this message?”

  6. RT — and, of course:
    “I’m Mitt Romney and I deny that I ever denied previously endorsing this message.”

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