A Few Good Men v. Sheep

A group of military “heroes” in Afghanistan demonstrate their bravery in the field:

There may be some background “context” to this film that could perhaps explain why a group of U.S. Marines elected to kill a bewildered sheep by clubbing it to death with an aluminum baseball bat while laughing and deliriously hooting, but it’s not readily apparent.



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8 responses to “A Few Good Men v. Sheep

  1. JJ

    Against my better judgement, I watched about :10 seconds of the video.
    Horrible. WTF’s the matter with people?

    Shit, now I’m all depressed 😦

  2. stuart smith

    These guys should meet the same fate. What a bunch of sick fucks!

  3. Evidently, they shoot dogs for fun too, but again, there may be some “context” that I’m missing to explain this behaviour.

  4. CWTF

    The sheep ate a shoe?

  5. Paul Raposo

    The context you’re missing, Red, is the US military under George Bush, Jr. decided to take any and all nutters, psychos, criminals, racists, and maroons they could lay their hands on, and ship them over to the desert to kill them some sand niggers. Unfortunately, them ragheads was better fighters than imagined, so the imbeciles that aren’t competent in the field, are left behind while real experts, and heros do the actual fighting.

    So what do these troglodytes do with their free time? See above.

  6. trainman

    The context you’re missing, Red, is the US military under George Bush, Jr. …

    That’s right, it’s George Bush’s fault that the soldiers beat a sheep to death!

    Give your head a shake and get a basic grasp of logic and reason!

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