“Conservative” Beer Review

A retarded Bloggin’ Tory maroon turns his acute sensibilities and keen perceptions of world events to the more demanding task of reviewing various kinds of beer…

For some bizarre reason the unfortunately named Kretin feels the need to preface everything with “Holy shit” and interlace all of his observations with profuse amounts of reflexive profanity (e.g., “Christ, save the bottle… you know, put some flowers in the fuckin’ thing and give to the wife – she’d be right happy I gave her somethin’ fuckin’ nice.”). Our putative “reviewer” also seems intent on informing viewers of how quickly he could down the subject beverage: “Holy shit, I could drink this in two minutes,” he exclaims after taking his first swig of the surprisingly pleasant communist brew.

Sadly, this dim, foul-mouthed idiot’s views on world events are every bit as hapless and inept as are his witless reviews of beer.

A Few Good Men v. Sheep

A group of military “heroes” in Afghanistan demonstrate their bravery in the field:

There may be some background “context” to this film that could perhaps explain why a group of U.S. Marines elected to kill a bewildered sheep by clubbing it to death with an aluminum baseball bat while laughing and deliriously hooting, but it’s not readily apparent.