Black Friday

According to the AP: “A record number of shoppers could head to stores across the country to take advantage of deals during the kickoff to the holiday shopping weekend.”

Interesting to think that 10,000 rabid consumers lined up outside Macy’s in the dead of night eager to save a few bucks on discounted material crap is about the same number of people that were marching in the streets of New York on OCW’s “Day of Action” protesting corporate greed and malfeasance. Go figure.

The whole notion of “holiday shopping” sickens me. This year, I’m thinking of buying a goat for some family in Africa.

4 Replies to “Black Friday”

  1. Giving a “gift of hope” would make a real difference to an African family. They are being clobbered by deforestation and climate change – drought, decreasing fish in the warming waters, and extreme storms. The OCW protesters, the shoppers and the starving African children all are desperately seeking change and a better life. The Black Friday shoppers sadly believe that buying junk at a discount will somehow change their lives, and haven’t yet figured out that all the junk is manufactured by the 1% to keep them addicted to consumerism.

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