Islamofascist Butterballs!

The latest hysterical anti-Muslim insanity from the unhinged mind of right-wing darling Pam Geller: Butterball® turkeys are a threat to freedom!!!

I guess by Geller’s “logic” then, Hebrew National hotdogs are a sign of Zionist Domination on the march, yet again!


6 Replies to “Islamofascist Butterballs!”

  1. Turkeys will cause pandemics. We need that fake meat where the manufacturing itself isn’t a proliferation risk, and probably sold by Butterball is the politically easiest way. 2 1/2 yrs ago I knew someone would take a shot on the prez; gave the Secret Service advance warning to take out a transmitter or write new anti freedom of speech laws. Their freedom of speech ability to incite assassinations is alot like our attacks on most drugs (save for the ones you can’t work using, or that cause future Manchurian Candidates), they eliminate the best members of society. Is why Nazis and USSR were inefficient. I’m guessing there are enough rednecks and racists in secret service to want Obama JFKed. Why is it only the Left are targetted? The Right wouldn’t civil war if hit once, say Palin or Limbaugh, or, I forget who else. They are obviously worldy. When AGW happens, people will target Americans across the spectrum. Here, the Seikh violence in Vancouver keeps to itself. A cabbie in Quebec turned off his metre and then charged my $34 for a $25-ish ride. I thought about walking away but figured letting people know the Chevy Chase Vacation stereotype about the French is correct. People who go to Evangelical Churches are morons. The NRA are morons. I guess their plan is to vote down the Democrat’s antipandemic strategies and shoot the microbes?

  2. I hope Romney is nominated. I worked in a dysfunctional Mormon workplace and they corrupted their employment contractor enough to write some eco-centre’s address on my paycheck.

  3. Ironic after causing small pox pandemics the colonists celebrate in a way that ensures flus et al.

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