Mitt Romney Endorses Obama

Because context no longer matters…



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5 responses to “Mitt Romney Endorses Obama

  1. Brad Dillman (TRN)

    Finally a sensible Republican.

  2. Robert Ludwig


  3. Craig Chamberlain

    Too late now, but that would have been the right tone to use to distinguish himself from the others, who are going after a rather small group.

    He would have attracted more mainstream Americans — more moderate Republicans, disaffected Democrats, and those who have not seen the change they thought they would under Obama with a more conciliatory approach.

  4. I still can’t figure out why more people aren’t checking out Huntsman as the reasonable (non-crazy) not Mitt Romney candidate in the Republican field. Maybe the fact that he too is a Mormon has something to do with it… Still, you’d think that once Newt’s star flames out (again), they’ll really be no other alternative to waffling Willard.

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