Justin Trudeau “Striptease”

The Liberal MP for Papineau strips down to his undershirt (oops! spoiler alert there) at a recent charity fundraising auction.

Evidently, some people aren’t impressed… “reason kabillion” why he will never be Liberal leader harrumphs “gritchick” rather inexplicably.

8 Replies to “Justin Trudeau “Striptease””

  1. Ha! Good point. I’d completely forgotten about that.

    Personally, I don’t think it ever hurts a politician to do the occasional goofy thing to show they’re actual humans. Harper playing the piano, for example. I know that sort of thing is silly and shouldn’t matter, but somehow it does.

  2. I can think of a few reasons why Justin Trudeau ain’t ready for prime time, but stripping down to a tank top for a gala for liver disease is not one of them. It beats watching and hearing Harper croak out a polka rendition of “Sweet Caroline”. at last year’s CPoC Xmas party.

  3. B-O-R-I-N-G! Christ almighty, is this guy incapable of shaking it up a bit? JT is so unlike his father (or his mother for that matter) that I have to wonder if he was maybe adopted. I have begun to feel about him in the same way as the Laurier university student who after hearing him speak about the future of Canada and the challenges of the young said, “It was kind of like eating candy. It was sickeningly sweet and there wasn’t much substance.” He really is such a disappointment.

  4. IMHO, one of the problems the Liberal Party is having in reinventing its image has to do with some element’s bizarre infatuation with the Trudean clan.

    Now, I’m not going to go into a full-power anti-P-E-Trudeau rant here, but the man did have some major leadership and character flaws, and his subsequent elevation to quasi-divine like status in the minds of significants quarters of the Liberals is something I find unsettling at best. The focus on his supposedly prodigal son – when he seems to posses no outstanding talent nor leadership capabilities – looks rather like a personality cult and evokes suspicions about the nature of what is supposedly an “advanced democracy”.

  5. Agreed. I don’t understand the “cult” surrounding PET, let alone his offspring. Growing up, I remember Trudeau as an interesting character, more often reviled than admired and I never really got into the subsequent mythologizing about the man that went on after his departure.

    Justin seems like a decent enough fellow, not without talent as a retail politician, but far too “fluffy” and superficial for my taste.

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