Herman Cain Art Project?

I would love to subscribe to this amusing theory Rachel Maddow has been propounding of late to explain the otherwise perplexing Herman Cain campaign…

Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to reconcile myself with the notion that Cain is a brilliantly satirical performance art genius to the more stubbornly held belief that the man is a complete fucking idiot.

5 Replies to “Herman Cain Art Project?”

  1. I still think we’re getting punked. Only, it seems the only way to reconcile the “brilliantly satirical performance art genius” with the “complete fucking idiot” is when we consider Cain is being punked as well. All the way. Still, that opens us to question of whether you can be punked if you can’t understand that you are getting punked, in which case you’re just being manipulated for the sake of facilitating the ruse on someone else.

    I said before, someone must be having a lot of fun, and much more now perhaps, now that Maddow seems to be on to them. And quite possibly losing her mind trying to figure it all out. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in her immediate circle right now. Guessing it would involve middle of the night phone calls positing how obscurely related cultural bits are connected to Cain’s campaign.

  2. kinda why i dropped that politichicks link on your previous cain post (in episode 2, they reveal to us that obama’s bc is FAKE!!1!). in both cases, the presentations are so surreal, so incomprehensibly bad, that it simply must be a put-on.

    poe should be hanged in effigy.


  3. “someone must be having a lot of fun”

    oh, undoubtedly. that kind of mephistophelian hijinx is uniquely wingnutish. whenever a troll tires of pretending to be a birfer or troofer, he can always turn to his first love: rightwing misanthropy.


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