Justin Trudeau “Striptease”

The Liberal MP for Papineau strips down to his undershirt (oops! spoiler alert there) at a recent charity fundraising auction.

Evidently, some people aren’t impressed… “reason kabillion” why he will never be Liberal leader harrumphs “gritchick” rather inexplicably.


Panelists on the BBC comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You trade jibes about the OCW movement in London.

Great line by Ian Hislop responding to the silly right-wing trope that protesters patronizing Starbucks are hypocrites: “You don’t have to want to return to a barter system and the Stone Age to complain about the way the financial crisis affected large numbers of people in the world.”

Herman Cain Art Project?

I would love to subscribe to this amusing theory Rachel Maddow has been propounding of late to explain the otherwise perplexing Herman Cain campaign…

Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to reconcile myself with the notion that Cain is a brilliantly satirical performance art genius to the more stubbornly held belief that the man is a complete fucking idiot.