99% Bullshit

Protesters from Occupy Vancouver marched earlier today to the building that houses the offices of Brookfield Properties to show solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, who have been evicted from Zuccotti Park, which the company owns.

Here’s a quote from the tirade of a spokesperson claiming to represent “the 99%” at this demonstration that’s certain to alienate and aggravate as many (if not more) people as it was meant to attract:

I say we go… and talk to people… and let them know… that we’re talking back our voices… and we’re taking back our power… and it’s way more FUN than all of this other bullshit… And they can come and play with us too!

Maybe it’s just me… you know, being a cranky, burned-out old fart or whatever, but the notion that loudly demonstrating and being disruptive, obnoxious pests is “more fun” than putting in a hard day’s work at some quite possibly mundane job (aka “all of this other bullshit”) strikes me as egregious nonsense. That particular remark was a highly revealing “tell” as they say in poker, indicating the shallow disingenuousness of these pretentious rebels with a nebulous sense of cause.

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  1. ” indicating the shallow disingenuousness of these pretentious rebels with a nebulous sense of cause.”
    You know, I feel the same way about the NDP in Quebec… In particular Jamie Nicholls who’s wit is resumed to the following when asked a simple question:
    “vote for us next time and perhaps you will be able to move out of your mom’s basement.” from @JPNichollsNPD

    So while it’s easy to decry the “obnoxious pests” at least they are not the kids that were elected as the NDP Quebec caucus…as the NDP seems less effective at getting a message across.

  2. CWTF: Well, I can’t really comment in any informed way on the horde of naïve Lil’Dippers that were unconscionably elected in the last federal cycle, but one shouldn’t be surprised at their ineptitude given the lack of scrutiny involved.

    Funny thing… according to Jamie Nicholls’s website, he’s a landscape architect and “a doctoral candidate at McGill University’s School of Ubran Planning.” Yes, it really says “Ubran” Planning.

    Urgh. The burning stupidity…

    As I’ve said before, I totally get the gist of the OCW movement and agree with the most of their grievances in concept, but I have to be honest in saying that I find the protesters themselves really irksome and pathetic. They got the attention of people and managed to reframe the debate somewhat, but now it’s time to stop urban camping, “playing” and having “fun”… Yelling at the owners of Brookfield Properties or shouting down Karl Rove is good for a laugh, I guess, but it really accomplishes nothing. They need to find some way to throw sand into the gears of the political system in order to make a difference.

  3. As for Jamie Nicholls this is rather incoherent also:
    “Prior to his election, Jamie was a landscape architect; his work in this field aimed to improve tour childrens’ environment by advocating ecological and sustainable regional planning.”
    What the fuck is “improve tour childrens’ environment “?

    I remember the Liberals and NDP making fun of Fortier for being parachuted into the region – so the silence about Nicholls living in Westmount is delicious.

    Regional planning is mostly done at the provincial level, so one wonders how a federal NDP opposition member will be able to do anything for the area. At least the previous BQ member made less that 1/100 of the farcical this Member of Parliament has done…

  4. CWTF: LOL. A “sane version of the Tea Party”… I hadn’t thought of it that exactly way, but yeah, I guess that’s not a bad way to put it.

    As for the NDP… what a sad joke they are. Here in Manitoba (where the Dippers have been in power for the last 12 years) we have the highest crime rates, worst urban poverty, highest taxes west of Quebec, no rapid transit, crumbling infrastructure, unbelievably shitty roads, and woefully pathetic healthcare. Yay!

  5. @Red: I’m glad to hear this: “As I’ve said before, I totally get the gist of the OCW movement and agree with the most of their grievances in concept, but I have to be honest in saying that I find the protesters themselves really irksome and pathetic.”

    Because when I hear things like “…being disruptive, obnoxious pests is “more fun” than putting in a hard day’s work…”, I have an opposite reaction.

    Often I hear the demonstrators called lazy, and that they should get a job. But the demonstrators are not the whole 99%; don’t forget about the under-employed, and the lack of real wage growth. [edit: this should also apply to the 1%, they’re not all douchebags either, e.g. I admire ‘Buffet-the-socialists’ courage]

    But more important, if someone isn’t working it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’re lazy. In 2008 when U.S. unemployment went from 6% to over 9% (IIRC), what, did millions of people all of sudden become lazy at the same time?

    So I thank you for your balance, and trying not to generalize too much. It’s refereshing, and why I’m a loyal reader here.

  6. Brad: Thanks!

    No, I certainly don’t think the protesters are “lazy” as some claim. Getting involved in this action, whether it be uncomfortably camping out in a park on a frigid Autumn night or participating in marches or demonstrations, etc. certainly isn’t for people that savour indolence above all else. And I appreciate the fact that meaningful employment opportunities are increasingly hard to come by these days, especially for young people with little work experience. My oldest daughter, for example, has a Masters degree and has been unable to find a slot in her chosen profession for several years now – instead, she works two part-time jobs; as a clerk in a medical office and at a book store.

    I’m also deeply aware of the key issues against which the protesters are railing; i.e., the fact that wages for ordinary workers (the “middle-class” or whatever you want to call them) have been stagnant (or in fact have decreased in real terms) for the past 25 years while at the same time the affluent (and especially the most privileged segment of that group) have been enormously increasing their share of the pie, arguably to the detriment of society in general. While we don’t see the same levels of wildly egregious wealth disparity that exist south of the border, it can’t be denied that a similar phenomenon is gradually taking hold here in Canada too.

    That said, I’m not sure what the solution to the problem may be… if indeed there is one. After all, the axiom “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” didn’t just pop up over night – it’s been around certainly as long as I can remember and likely has always been the case, to one degree or another down through the ages. Increasingly, I’m inclined to think that the comfortable, bourgeoisie, middle-class paradigm that many of us grew up in and have come to expect as being the norm over the last half-century or so was perhaps just a freakish anomaly in the historical scheme of things. In reality, maybe a kind of neo-feudalism is the more natural state of affairs dictated by human nature and we’ve just been deluded into thinking that we’d progressed beyond that.

    Another uncomfortable thought is that in the zero-sum world of global economics, the present situation is the result of a rebalancing of affairs. Whereas in the past the economies of “the West” were absurdly over-endowed with prosperity relative to the rest of the world, the phenomenon of globalization that’s arisen over the last several decades is starting to level things off a bit and as a consequence of that economic shift we can no longer be as comfortably situated as once may have been the case.

    I’m rambling… But I guess my point is that this a huge and incredibly complex issue. It’s good that the OWS protesters have raised some awareness and got (some) people thinking about it. However it’s not likely something that can be solved by camping in parks or simply taunting or denouncing those in power. The protesters need to focus their message and advocate in whatever way possible for realistic changes that most everyone can agree are needed – e.g., getting money out of politics (especially in Washington), shutting down the unproductive casino gambling on Wall Street, and stopping the practice of socializing risk whenever capital markets overstep their bounds. Those at least would be three good places to start making improvements imho.

  7. Speaking of sad jokes, this evening I did drop into a little gathering held by @JPNichollsNPD ( Jamie Nicholls of the NDP).

    I introduced myself and asked him to explain “How would voting for the NDP get me out my mom’s basement?”. His exact tweet was “vote for us next time and perhaps you will be able to move out of your mom’s basement.”

    Again, he refused to answer until pressed in person. It’s too bad that no journalists were around. I would have loved to have a debate with him and explain some of his fantastic claims.
    I will give him credit that he did try to explain how voting NDP would get me out of my mom’s basement (never mind the irony that he’s speaking to someone his age and quite independent).

    He blurted something about “Wealth redistribution and concentrating on youth employment programs”. He could of at least tried to move beyond talking points, if he had done that, I would have had respect for him. Now, he’s the equivalent of Dr. Roy. And yes, I did point out that my greying beard does not make me a youth – I guess his powers of observation for the obvious are lacking…

    Maybe I should ask for his office budget and find out who paid that little get together…

    This evening, I noticed that he had erased a particular tweet. Jesus if you can’t even stand behind your tweets Jamie Nicholls what does it say about your conviction? A urinal puck has more political acumen than him.

    The good news, is that I have found the NDP equivalent of Dr. Roy and he is Jamie Nicholls.

  8. Heh. Sounds like you’re going to make life miserable for this unfortunate Nicholls fellow.

    As for voting NDP to improve one’s economic prospects, that’s quite laughable. Time and again our “socialist” friends have demonstrated when in power (at the provincial level) that they are incapable of doing any such thing. More often than not, quite the reverse is the outcome.

  9. Mr Nicholls could have avoided all this by simply answering a few questions. I believe that politicians should be accountable for what they utter. As a taxpayer, we pay for them and they should serve the people.

    If you claim that the Conservatives are re-building the Champlain bridge because of you (an NDP member), I will ask you how. I will also ask you that if you have so much sway to get a bridge build that is not in your riding, then you should be able to get a bridge build in your riding to ease traffic.

    If you claim that you will dictate how land development is done, I will ask you how a federally elected MP will dictate what is a provincial/municipal matter.

    If you claim that you are open and want to hear questions from your constituency but then refuse to answer questions asked to you in a public forum, erase those questions and continue to post self-serving fluff, then yes, that is I may point that out.

    Jamie Nicholls is typical of politicians that are self-serving and rather inept. There is a reason why some are so cynical about politics and he is the indicative of the reason,

    The previous MP, Meille Faille, while I don’t necessarily agree with her, would at least answer. Maybe being in the BQ she decided to emulate Duceppe but there you had some honesty.

  10. I’m not quite sure they want to go there…. But with Jamie Nicholls claiming credit for having the Champlain bridge re-build, it does add credence to the Hapercons claims that Canada’s record deficit is all the fault of the opposition….

  11. Bellowing “get a job” at the disenfranchised is the modern equivalent to that quote which was attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette … “let them eat cake.”

    Shallow. Heartless. Dismissive.

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