Rick Perry: Lying Douchebag

Here’s the latest attack ad from the Rick Perry campaign:

“Can you believe that?” Governor Perry incredulously asks. “That’s what our president thinks is wrong with America… that Americans are lazy?” Hmmm. I wonder where Perry might have gotten his inspiration for this grotesque distortion from? Oh, right, of course… GOP TV (aka Fox “News”):

It’s absolutely pathetic that President Obama cannot make a legitimate, factually accurate observation about genuine shortcomings in his country’s business development and foreign investment policies over the past two decades without being viciously and dishonestly attacked for doing so.

Lies (and the Lying Liars who Tell Them) Update:
How refreshing to see a pundit call a spade a spade; i.e., that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are deliberate LIARS.

Lawrence O’Donnell clarifies what Obama was actually saying before his words were taken out of context:

He`s saying our government has been a little bit lazy about that over the last couple of decades. It`s actually a very Republican-sounding idea that government is, to some extent, standing in the way of new business coming in to this country and that government has to make the business climate in this country more welcoming to business. It`s a classic Republican pro-business statement with a little insult to government thrown in there.

Is there a Republican out there who doesn`t think that the government, the government, is a little bit lazy? Is there a Republican out there who doesn’t think that every single government worker is a little bit lazy? Is there anything in that statement a Republican would disagree with? Of course not.

But if you just cut out a few words in the middle of it and show that to people, just like I just did with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, then you have got yourself the makings of a Republican campaign ad. And yes, the campaign ad is based on a purposeful, and absolutely pure lie. And Republicans now want to make it the big lie of this campaign, the big Orwellian lie that President Obama thinks that Americans are lazy.

There are plenty of issues on which Republicans can legitimately disagree with Obama on… that they feel the desperate need to LIE perhaps says more about their own lack of integrity and intellectual feebleness than it does about anything else.

99% Bullshit

Protesters from Occupy Vancouver marched earlier today to the building that houses the offices of Brookfield Properties to show solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, who have been evicted from Zuccotti Park, which the company owns.

Here’s a quote from the tirade of a spokesperson claiming to represent “the 99%” at this demonstration that’s certain to alienate and aggravate as many (if not more) people as it was meant to attract:

I say we go… and talk to people… and let them know… that we’re talking back our voices… and we’re taking back our power… and it’s way more FUN than all of this other bullshit… And they can come and play with us too!

Maybe it’s just me… you know, being a cranky, burned-out old fart or whatever, but the notion that loudly demonstrating and being disruptive, obnoxious pests is “more fun” than putting in a hard day’s work at some quite possibly mundane job (aka “all of this other bullshit”) strikes me as egregious nonsense. That particular remark was a highly revealing “tell” as they say in poker, indicating the shallow disingenuousness of these pretentious rebels with a nebulous sense of cause.

A Park Divided

Last night’s TDS featured correspondent Sam Bee reporting on the class division that supposedly had been growing between different factions in the OCW encampment before it was dismantled. “As it dragged on, the movement had been in danger of becoming the very thing it was fighting against,” she opined.

In the segment (billed as an attempt “to build a bridge between workers and protesters in America’s rage-based economy”), Bee navigates her way from the uptown OCW end of Zuccotti Park to the downtown or “ghetto” OCW at the opposite end. One side held iPad-toting hipsters with bike-powered espresso machines and a library while the other was home to “the downwardly mobile, with their drum circles.”

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.