Herman Cain: On Libya

Talking to the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal newspaper, Herman Cain demonstrates his foreign policy acumen with respect to the recent conflict in Libya…

“Um, I do not agree with the way [Obama] handled it for the following reason. Um, nope… that’s a different one. I gotta go back… see, uh, got all this stuff twirlin’ around in ma head.”




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8 responses to “Herman Cain: On Libya

  1. Paul Raposo

    When I watch this man speak, I really don’t understand how he manged to become the CEO of anything.

  2. Craig Chamberlain

    (His passing familiarity with what’s happening beyond his shores notwithstanding, the larger narrative of what we have seen from Mr. Cain suggests either a massive blindspot, or not so great instincts. Or both. Either of which I’m guessing is somewhat atypical of successful CEOs?)

  3. Craig Chamberlain

    I tried to watch a few more clips, but I had to stop. Thank Mr. Bush Jr., for whom thank Mr. Clinton…

  4. one more stupefying blunder and he’s sure to clinch the nomination.

    off topic, i thought you might get a kick out of this:
    it’s “tommy wiseau” bad.


  5. One more stupefying blunder: “How do you say ‘delicious’ in Cuban?” LOL

  6. KEv: OMG that was horrifying awful.

    88 likes, 1,959 dislikes — The “free market of ideas” has spoken!

    Victoria Jackson is brain-damaged, right?

  7. that would imply that she has a brain to begin with.


  8. True enough. On SNL I seem to recall that she always played a ditzy blond… Turns out there was no acting involved. Getting religion and becoming a fearful Islamophobe since that time just seems to have exponentially compounded her innate stupidity.

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