Bob Rae on the Economy

Good speech from last week by Bob Rae on the Canadian economy in the global context.

It’s short on details, but well aimed in its critique of “ideological islands of waste and profligacy” in the Conservatives’ government spending agenda.

7 Replies to “Bob Rae on the Economy”

  1. The challenge is not in naming the issues, though he certainly did well in that regard, but in being able to convince a tired, nervous and increasingly cynical nation that he actually can deliver.

  2. Well, the public at large won’t have to worry about those considerations for a long time to come. There’s no real need to convince them of anything because practically nobody is paying any attention whatsoever to federal politics these days (and in many provinces, they can also now safely go back to ignoring politics at that level too!).

  3. Bob Rae as Ontario Premier paid universities to NOT train doctors is back giving global economic advice?

  4. Boca: I think you’d have to provide a little more explanation there of what you’re referring to before anyone could sensibly respond to it. A link may be helpful…

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