Fucking Spam!

Unlike some folks that are ridiculously obsessed with such things, I spend absolutely no time whatsoever monitoring or analyzing the site statistics for this little soapbox, let alone bothering to figure out ingeniously clever ways to SEO “optimize” them. Chalk it up to laziness, indifference, lack of monetary incentive, or whatever.

That said, I do however try to keep a reasonably close watch on the comments and part of that involves dealing with spam because, every once in a while, there are “false-positives” (0.06% to be precise); i.e., legitimate comments that inadvertently end up in quarantine and need to be manually dealt with.

So here’s an amazing statistic that accidentally came to my attention today while routinely cleaning out my spam box… In the last six months, the number of spam “comments” that have been posted on this site was:


Wow. That’s a whole lot of worthless, annoying bullshit.