Student Protests

Thousands of students marched through London yesterday to protest cuts to public education spending by the Conservative-led Coalition government and a significant increase in tuition fees.

Here’s one of the organizers, Ben Beech, a 21-year-old architecture student, holding forth on the issue in an interview by RT… It’s quite an amazing rhetorical performance (begins about 2 minutes into the clip).

Meanwhile, students at UC Berkeley voicing similar grievances were brutally set upon by baton wielding police goons in riot gear.

Signs of things to come, perhaps?

6 Replies to “Student Protests”

  1. Signs of things to come? Not so much here, given the usual 10-20 year lag Canada exhibits versus US political trends. Our versions of OWS confirm that for me. However, I do agree that mass protests will probably accelerate south of the border, especially after the second dip of the recession finally kicks in.

  2. I think over the next decade we’ll see these kinds of protests in Canada.
    I think over the next year after Ontario fess’s up and try’s to get spending under control we’re going to see some violent protests…probably in Toronto.

  3. It’s inevitable. In my job, I see global economic data. Things started to slide in July; the trends are very volatile from month-to-month. 2012 could be a rough ride.

    There are 45 million people in the US living below the poverty line. There is 10% official unemployment. Underemployment rates are probably in the 10-15% range. Do the math your self …

  4. Politics are not about, what is good for country’s, provinces, states and the citizens. Politicians are all about corruption, greed and their own selfish power and glory, and to hell with the people. That profile fits Canada right to a T.

    Canada is rotten to the core with corruption, a corrupt fascist, police state and a dictatorship regime. Harper thieves from Canadian citizens, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world. Harper is a Neo-Nazi and a Reformer. He founded the Northern Foundation, and the skinheads helped Harper organize the Foundation. This was back in 1989.

    Of the utmost importance was, to muzzle the media. that was the first thing Harper did. Scientists reports are not permitted, they must go through Harper first. He twice prorogued Parliament to avoid his part in the torture of the detainee’s. Harper’s asinine crime bill, is beyond belief of any common sense. However, neither was Hitler’s. Harper had Guelph University stormed, to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Harper had a many times convicted American felon, working for him. Felon Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend were guests in Harper’s home. The robocalls, to confuse Canadians voting locations, came from N. Dakota in the good old U.S.A. Hmmmm Harper is in contempt of the House. There is the fifty million dollars, stolen from the tax payers.

    Harper gave the post as High Commissioner to England to, ex BC Premier Gordon Campbell. Campbell is the worst, evil, most corrupt, politician in Canadian history. Because he has the dirtiest, most foul political record in this Nations history, with no morals and ethics. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper. That was Campbell’s reward. Harper certainly favors the criminal elements, in his government.

    People should read: Harper gives a speech in New York. This was at, the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept. 25/2007.

    You should also read: Harper delivers speech of, Global Governance for Canada. Another dictator had a plan for Global Government. Only he called Global Government, The Thousand Year Reich.

    I am very sorry for the young Canadian students and all the youth in this world. Oppression is evil and usually does blow-up with rage.

    When people have lost everything and have nothing left to lose….They lose it.

  5. “Meanwhile, students at UC Berkeley voicing similar grievances were brutally set upon by baton wielding police goons in riot gear.”

    Followed by strip-searches for the arrested?

  6. ATY: I’d agree that based on the leading indices of global trade, expectations for the coming year remain low. Unfortunately, it seems that just as soon as the economy throws up promising “green shoots” here and there – life goes on, after all – they’re almost immediately mowed down again by fundamental structural problems that haven’t yet been resolved – e.g., the lingering housing debacle in the U.S. or the over-leveraged sovereign debt of the Eurozone’s weakest links threatening to expose the house of cards that is the fraudulent global banking system to ruinous collapse.

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