In tonight’s latest installment of the GOP Dating Game, Rick Perry makes it clear that, if elected, he would immediately scrap three federal government departments: Education, Commerce, and… um, one he’s completely unable to identify by name.

In fact, it’s the Department of Energy the dumbstruck Perry was at a loss for naming. Considering he rails against it on the stump nearly every day it’s amazing that he completely blanked out under pressure. That’s a real confidence builder.

Update: Dub version of the gaffe embedded to replace the previous video that the copyright dickheads at CNBC had pulled.

6 Replies to “Oops!”

  1. Utter disaster. I have had the same mental block trying to remember a name. This is worse. His campaign was already heading downhill, this will bury it.
    It looks more and more like Romney.

  2. I think everyone can sympathize for Perry’s temporary brain-freeze as we’ve all been there at one time or another, but this was spectacularly bad… And it wasn’t even like not recalling someone’s name – this is something he vehemently yammers on about constantly.

    Kind of a sad commentary on the field of potential candidates when pundits are now reviving the hopes of Newt Gingrich to become the next frontrunner that isn’t Mitt Romney…

  3. Romney’s problem is he’s everywhere on any given issue, trying to appease the Teabaggers and moderate conservatives alike. Therefore by trying to please everyone he pleases no one, say for the approximately 20% or so from the Republican traditionalists that backed him from the start. And yes Gingrich will probably become the next favourite.

    The hilarious part is that Obama is quite vulnerable, and could easily be defeated in 2012 should the Republicans field a reasonably competent opponent. After playing all these special interests to secure past victories and relying on extremist views to secure their votes, it’s fun now watching the GOP implode like this.

  4. He’s really just an actor who’s forgotten his lines.
    And all the rest (except, maybe, Gingrinch) are merely much better actors.

  5. I’m surprised that Jon Huntsman isn’t gaining more traction. I don’t necessarily agree with his economic prescriptions, but he’s a very credible candidate in every respect. Unfortunately, he isn’t an ignorant douchebag, creepy old man, flip-flopping weather-vain or religious lunatic… prerequisites it seems to be a GOP frontrunner.

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