An Anal Cyst Says, What…?

Rush Limbaugh demonstrates, yet again, what an utterly loathsome, hypocritical, morally vacant douchebag he is. No wonder he has such a compelling appeal to countless millions of right-wing “dittoheads”…

By the way, MSNBC did very well hiring former Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt as an analyst, don’t you think? His trenchant observations and dry remarks are always a delight.

6 Replies to “An Anal Cyst Says, What…?”

  1. Rotterdam, don’t let facts get in your way. Maher is a comic. Limbaugh claims to be a political pundit. Maher presents satire. Limbaugh lies his big, larded, persistently racist Dixie ass off.

  2. Rotterdam has a point… especially if, as I have always maintained, that Rush Limbaugh is a comedian. Granted, not a funny one (as evidenced by his failed TV show and embarrassing involvement, along with Anne Coulter, in that short-lived Fox News comical travesty that attempted to counter “The Daily Show”). But he tries… oh, how he TRIES to be funny.

  3. i prefer the “it’s funny cuz it’s true” brand to the “it’s funny because the embittered delight in the suffering of others” variety. there’s no accounting for taste….


  4. Once again, we could get into the “why right-wingers aren’t funny” theorizing, but yeah, their “humour” does seem more often than not to stem from a rather callous, mean-spirited place.

    Here’s an example of Rush’s sense of ha-ha:

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