OCW Vancouver/Victoria Update

The few remaining hardcore activists in Vancouver and Victoria continue to discredit whatever legitimate grievances initial supporters of the copycat OCW movement in Canada may have purported to represent at the outset of the protests several weeks ago.

Last night, strident protesters shouted down a mayoralty debate in a church, eventually threatening possible riots, while back at the “occupied” grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery, two firefighters were hospitalized after suffering “bite wounds” after attempting to extinguish an illegal blaze in an oil barrel.

Even some initial organizers of the demonstrations are now disgusted by what they feel has rapidly become little more than “a circus”…

Meanwhile, over in Victoria, a city worker was doused with a bucket of urine while attempting to remove a protester that had ridiculously ensconced himself (along with his tent and bicycle) in the limbs of a tree, vowing to remain there for months to come, flinging poo and eggs at the authorities…

Admirable restraint and tolerance has been shown by the city so far, but enough is enough. Time to get these degenerate losers and violent nutcases out of the park by whatever means necessary.

Zygotes ≠ “Persons”

While it may be argued in the most technically extreme biological sense that “life begins at conception” as devoutly religious people maintain to be the case, it is a complete absurdity to contend that a fertilized egg (aka a zygote) should be regarded for legal purposes as having the status of “personhood”…

Even so, the likely approval of ballot Initiative 26 in Mississippi today will amend that hopelessly backward state’s Constitution to affirm the nonsensical fiction that zygotes are “persons” – presumably, with all the legal rights of fully-fledged human beings.

Les Riley, the director of Personhood Mississippi who launched the dopey “Yes on 26” drive, notes the significance of the amendment: “You know this will be the first time in history that a state has recognized the humanity of the unborn and their God-given right to life. It would make abortion illegal within our borders and would also challenge notions about abortion.” And birth control… but that’s another matter.

Also, someone from the “get the government out of my personal business” party should immediately start investigating why 30-70 percent of the newly minted Zygote People are going rogue and deviating from the miracle of life by routinely and wilfully committing “suicide” as they choose not to achieve uterine implantation!

Surprise Update: Against the odds, common sense prevailed and the loopy Initiative 26 was soundly defeated, thereby avoiding the public policy disaster that would have resulted otherwise.

An Anal Cyst Says, What…?

Rush Limbaugh demonstrates, yet again, what an utterly loathsome, hypocritical, morally vacant douchebag he is. No wonder he has such a compelling appeal to countless millions of right-wing “dittoheads”…

By the way, MSNBC did very well hiring former Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt as an analyst, don’t you think? His trenchant observations and dry remarks are always a delight.