Political Discourse in America

OCW protesters confront what they imagine to be a wealthy and insensitive “conservative” woman outside a swanky Washington hotel.

I know “liberals” aren’t supposed to pay any attention to these sorts of awkward encounters documented on film, nor are they expected to acknowledge any of the cringe-inducing and reprehensibly contemptible opinions of some the more infuriated OCW supporters given the intent of the filmmakers is usually to discredit and maliciously undermine the movement and many of its quite legitimate grievances…

By the same token, however, it would be wilfully dishonest to ignore them or pretend they’re just freak aberrations.

These angry, discontented protesters claim to be the 99% – and in terms of income they most certainly are – but in many other respects, they don’t represent vast majority of hard-working people that are trying to keep their heads above water and struggling to make ends meet.

Personally, I don’t ever remember a time when life wasn’t “all fucked up” as the highly incensed 24-year old guy screams with outrage in this video. So what exactly is his point?

14 Replies to “Political Discourse in America”

  1. ah, conservARTive. another youtube snake oil salestroll. the only people buying his version of the story are his numerous sockpuppet accounts.


  2. Do tell…

    Look, I don’t want to be peddling things that are dishonest, so if this isn’t credible information, then let me know what debunks the veracity of the footage.

  3. d’oh! i didn’t mean to aim that at you, rt. i meant the peanut gallery in his comment sections.

    in general, he ‘s a troll. his version of “rabid mob hurls crippled old biddy down a flight of stairs” is his typical schtick. that kind of overblown mischaracterization of events is his way of trolling.


  4. Yeah… I saw that video and made a comment to the effect that there was absolutely no evidence I could determine of the old biddy being hurled down the stairs by the mob of OCW protesters as was being purported.

    This one just is what it is… Doesn’t reflect particularly well on the individuals in question, but so be it.

    Angry loons like those featured in the video actually piss me off, because they just seem to have lost the plot altogether (if they ever had it at all) when it comes to addressing what I believe should be the key issues; namely, getting money out of politics and restoring some fiscal sanity to the banking system… I mean, the global swaps market is now estimated (nobody knows for sure) at $600 trillion! That’s completely nuts.

    Meanwhile, our local “Occupy” movement here wants much of the city returned to native peoples and demands “an immediate guaranteed material income for all peoples worldwide.”

    Seems there’s much craziness to go around.

  5. Hey Red,

    I just wanted to address the swanky hotel ;). That’s actually Washington DC’s convention center, which does happen to be one of the most impressive looking modern convention center’s I’ve seen. So I can understand it being mistaken for a swanky hotel (except it’s ginormous, covering several blocks).

    As for the context, their was a huge mess down at the convention center Friday night – some tribute to Reagan that was met with confrontations by the OWS movement folks. So it is clear the conservative folks who created the video did look for the most unstable folks they could find in the crowd and got them to rant. Unless I missed something (though I was bored), I didn’t see any pushing, shoving or falling. Wouldn’t they have included that if it was one of their major points? It would kinda be like leaving the shooting out of the Zapruder film clips ;).

    I’m suspicious of that on any “private recording” because I have spent a lifetime watching “scandalous” clips from gay pride parades in an attempt to indicate that lesbian mothers in Topeka go to Manhattan and where see-through tiger prints and pink condoms on their vacations (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    In other words, I just don’t pay it much mind, anymore than the teapartiers carrying swastikas. The important thing is to ignore the carnival . . . because we’re all being played these days.

  6. “those featured in the video actually piss me off”

    and i don’t get why. the larger the throng, the greater the likelyhood that the misguided will make their presence known. it has always been thus. there’s a greater message which the shennanigans of a senseless few do not stifle.

    since comparisons have arisen, i’d like to add my own “dueling gripes”.

    teabag meassage: “i’m taxed enough!!1!”
    in context:
    (2001) “you’re getting a huge tax break.”
    “but i’m taxed enough, goddammit!!1!”
    (2008) “you’re getting another tax break.”
    “but i’m taxed enough, goddammit!”

    ows message: “this system needs fixing.”
    in context: “(litany of painfully obvious inequities)”
    “i’m taxed enough already, goddamit!!1!”

    it seems one group has a clearly-defined non-grievance while the other has a loosely-defined real grievance.


  7. She was an idiot for mixing it up with them, antagonizing the situation – what does she know about their lives? Presumably, whatever her circumstances were, whatever her story is, she doesn’t need to tell them what she was doing at whatever age. It’s not the time, the place for some kind of rational discussion. All in all the situation would have benefited from a bit of grace on her part, in knowing that she is in a better place now than the people confronting her.

  8. John & KEv: Fair enough points. It’s not right to characterize everyone involved in a protest based on a few loose cannons or angry flakes. The same can be said for any movement, whether it be OCW, Tea Party, Gay Pride, or whatever. That wasn’t actually what I was trying to do, but I can see how it may have come across that way.

    My feeling is that the current protests have run their course for the time being and, as I’ve said here before, they need to pack up their tents and go home for the winter. Regroup, reformulate, rethink… focus their messaging… come up with some clever pranks, flash mobs or whatever in the meantime and then return in the spring with a new strategy.

  9. yeah, they’re probably done for now. a shame they couldn’t maintain the level of participation they showed the day of the general strike, but they did manage to rally some good numbers. hopefully, next time around, they’ll embrace the idea of structure.


  10. It’s actually a shame that the Tea Party movement sucked the life out of the universal outrage about the bank bailouts and then got quickly redirected by their corporate handlers into a partisan anti-Obama, anti-healthcare reform effort. But that’s all water under the bridge now…

    Now they’ve got months of miserable weather ahead (in much of the country) in which to hatch a new approach that will hopefully learn from past mistakes, refine their positions, improve the lines of argument and expand the grassroots beyond the “hippie fringe” (sorry, but you know what I mean), perhaps even reaching out to sympathetic strains of discontent on the right who likewise realize that the present systems of politics and finance are broken.

  11. in more reasonable times 9they’ve existed, right?), ows and tea party would have been a natural fit. that they MUST be at ends is its own commentary on the state of things.


  12. I strongly believe there’s a lot of common ground to be shared in terms of discontent with the present arrangement on many fronts. So, taking time away from the theatrical street activism and rabid placard waving to find that intersection of shared interests may be a good thing. You know… provided those involved aren’t divided by silly partisan distractions that would happily pit themselves against each other.

  13. “divided by silly partisan distractions”

    i can’t help but feel that’s aimed at me. look, bub, i’m taxed enough already, goddammit. but, seriously, how do you get the self-described party of “fuck, no!” to drop it’s paranoid guard long enough to agree, for once, to something that’s in everyone’s interest?

    okay, so i’m not the most discoursey person….


  14. It wasn’t directed specifically at you. 🙂

    Guess I was just trying to look at the “big picture” that should transcend the partisan divide.

    As for getting the party of “Fuck,No!” to be more flexible, that’s a stumper alright. I’m reminded of that Onion article from several months ago: “Debt Ceiling Deal Required Tough Concessions By Both Democrats And Democrats Alike.”

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